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Special Delivery from Google - an interactive video

Google Spotlight Stories come to YouTube with interactive 360-degree storytelling

Google is making a #SpecialDelivery with an interactive 360-degree animated work that has special features for certain Android devices, particularly when using Google Cardboard for a full 3D effect. Google made the announcement on their blog yesterday, stating: Today we’re bringing Google Spotlight Stories to YouTube with “Special Delivery,” an original short film made by […]

How Buzzfeed is Taking Over the World – One Video at a Time

In July 2015, BuzzFeed videos generated over 1.9B views across the main video platforms. We take a look at how Buzzfeed video is taking over the world. Sourced through from: Buzzfeed is perhaps the ultimate curation/content producer: as a hybrid of finding and sharing content that seems to go viral at Buzzfeed’s slightest […]

YouTube screen

Millennial-Mobile “How-To” Searches Explode On YouTube

Google says that “how-to” searches on YouTube have grown 70 percent year-over-year, adding that “more than 100 million hours of how-to content have been wa Source: How-To and Explainer videos are popular, that can be taken as an assumption, but knowing that Google searches on YouTube have grown by a specific number (70%) is an […]
NanoShorts Spring Cleaning video

Prizewinning YouTube video: “He blew out his pants!”

PaintCare has awarded $10,000 to NANOShorts Entertainment as the winner of an online video contest meant to raise awareness about paint recycling in California. NANOShorts submitted “Spring Cleaning,” a comical video short that features an unsuspecting young man, named Rick, walking his garbage to the curb, which sets off a chain of “telephone-style” miscommunication among […]

Quickfire Networks purchased by Facebook

Facebook purchases QuickFire networks for greater speed video content delivery… and 4K?

Facebook, in its drive to respond to the ever-increasing uploading and sharing of social video, has purchased QuickFire Networks, as announced yesterday. QuickFire CEO Craig Y. Lee released a statement on the site’s homepage, stating; QuickFire Networks was founded on the premise that the current network infrastructure is not sufficient to support the massive consumption […]
GO! Cartoons logo

Pitch your animated toon to GO! Cartoons, a new idea incubator with funding from Sony Pictures Animation

Kickstarter isn’t the only place to find funding for movie and video projects. If you’re working on an animated cartoon, you might do better pitching to Fred Seibert’s GO! Cartoons, particularly as it has funding from Sony Pictures Animation. Here’s the full news brief, which you can read below the trailer here for Cartoon Hangover […]

Image from "How to do Everything' on DreamWorksTV

Behind the scenes with Artist-Animator Dave Pressler’s new stop-motion series for DreamWorksTV

Dave Pressler is known as one of the “robot guys” in the art world, and he’s built up a massive online following with his eclectic creations over the years. It’s not surprising that he was tapped by DreamWorksTV (the official YouTube for DreamWorks Animation) to create original content for their channel, curated by AwesomenessTV. Even after twenty years as […]

YouTube Creator Blog: Look ahead: creator features coming to YouTube

Dean Meyers's insight: Are you ready to post 60FPS video on YouTube? more music to choose from in your editing? new features for YouTube look like it's meant for videomakers to get new things unheard of in broadcast.There's more attention to mobile platforms and community as well, engaging co-cre...

Screen Shot 2011-12-12 at 8.21.19 AM

Stunning women in 3D

Let’s start off a cold Christmas Monday with something to get the blood pumping, a beautiful collection of beautiful women, available for your viewing in the 3D format of your choice. This is a unique collection of my own original 3D Paintings of some of the worlds hottest women in 3D for the first time, […]

Nvidia 3D Vision Now Compatible With YouTube

Those of you with NVidia 3D Vision rigs have a whole new source of 3D content, and it comes from the largest purveyor of online video around: YouTube. “We’re excited to introduce HTML5 and WebM support to the thousands of 3D videos available on YouTube,” said Jonathan Huang 3D Product Manager at YouTube. “By embracing […]


Google/YouTube acquires Green Parrot Pictures

Google has just announced their acquisition of Green Parrot Pictures, a video post-production company that’s developed some fancy algorithms for fixing blurry and jerky video footage through advanced motion-prediction systems.  Already in use by some major motion studios in films like Lord of the Rings and X-Men, hopefully google will now be making this available […]

Reminiscence: A 3-D HD movie

I cannot read French that well, since I only had it in high school many decades ago, but this is what Google translate says about the film. Twenty-first century, a young man discovers a photo lab forgotten by his ancestors. 1854, a young woman a little dreamy wishes to be shot the portrait, making a […]