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New VizWorld Features

Just a quick update pointing out some new things you’ll see on VizWorld now. EMail Subscriptions – don’t know why I didn’t have this before, but I enabled Email subscriptions in Feedburner. Just click the new link over on the top-right. Fixed the RSS Subscriptions – The RSS subscription popup was being hidden by the […]

VizWorld on iPhone Fixed

It was brought to my attention that the VizWorld site didn’t look quite right on the iPhone, due to the big Feature Articles block at the top.  Well, I’ve fixed that and made a few other changes that should make it much easier to use on the iPhone/iPod Touch.  Also, now there’s a special VizWorld […]

More RSS Options with Yahoo Pipes

A few people have mentioned that the sheer volume of stories here on VizWorld can be a bit overwhelming.  While personally I take this as a compliment, I can see how other people may not.  In response to this, I’ve created a Yahoo Pipe that I’ld like to share with all of you. Simply visit […]

Open Thread: What does VizWorld Need?

It’s that time again, it’s an open call for User Input and Opinion. What is VizWorld Missing? What could we improve? What would you like to see more of? Less of? Chime in, all comments & criticisms welcome (but please keep it civil).  Add Job Listings?  Do More Podcasts?  Got a company we should cover? […] – Home to the World’s Undiscovered Artists

A new website is on the scene offering 1GB of storage space for art, music, and film complete with tools for streaming and selling your work to viewers. is now offering signups for free, and offers such features as text translation into 10 languages, 0 transaction charge on sales, and several portfolio management features. […]

SpatialKey Data Visualization and Mapping

SpatialKey has developed a web-based geospatial data visualization tool, and currently it is in beta aiming to merge easy data exploration with social-networking features for collaboration.

Introducing Maitri Erwin

The second of our new Authors here on VizWorld is now ready to be announced: Maitri Erwin: Maitri Erwin is a technology executive at TechniGraphics, Inc. Her research focuses on the visual representation of geospatial, 3D engineering and simulation information. Former work with a large energy company included the mapping and visualization of earth’s shallow […]

Introducing Alark Joshi

I mentioned last week that VizWorld would be hosting content from some new authors, and the first of that new content is now ready to go.  Before it’s live, tho, a bit of background is in order.  Our first new Author is Alark Joshi. Alark Joshi is a data visualization researcher at Yale University. His […]

In the Forums: What do you prefer?

OpenGL or DirectX? AMD or Nvidia? Hit the forums and let us know!

The VizWorld Staff is Growing!

The VizWorld Website Staff is growing.  Over the next few days you might start seeing posts of a different tone and structure.  Those will be thanks to the new editors and contributors we’ve taken on here at VizWorld!  As they come on board, I’ll introduce them so that you’ll know who you’re reading from and […]