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LATEST ARTICLES Web-based 3D Content Sharing and Collaboration

SolidSmack brings us the news of a new 3D collaboration and sharing site called “” that brings viewing, manipulation, and evaluation to the masses.  Their first app is called “Stage”. It is a web based, format agnostic shared model space for the 3D community and makes sharing, presenting, discussing 3D content easy. super easy. If […]

The Web 2.0 Summit Points of Control Map

To generate some buzz for the Web2.0 summit they created a fun map of the major web properties and social networks on an interactive website so that you can pan and zoom, and then watch how the various “countries” have begun to encroach on each other. More than any time in the history of the […]


Ogg Theora vs. H.264: head to head comparisons

With HTML5 supporting a native <VIDEO> tag for including flash-free video, the war for a suitable video codec has started a new battle between Ogg Theora and h264. Jan Ozer just completed a hands-on comparison of the two at various bitrates, focusing on the low bitrates used by most internet streaming services and found h264 […]

RGraph: A Graph library based on the HTML5 canvas tag

A new charting library is on the block, this time working entirely with HTML5: rGraph. RGraph is a HTML5 canvas graph library. It uses features that became available in HTML5 (specifically, the CANVAS tag) to produce a wide variety of graph types: bar chart, bi-polar chart (also known as an age frequency chart), donut chart, […]

75+ Tools for Visualizing your Data with CSS, Flash, jQuery, PHP

A new article on Tripwire Magazine compiles a list of 75 tools for visualizing your data on the web, and breaks it down into Javascript solutions, CSS solutions, Server-side solutions, Flash-based solutions, and other online tools and services you can investigate. Images says more than a thousands words. It is common sense and wise people […]

MSNBC’s Interactive Historical Hurricane Tracker

A new interactive visualization on shows the history storm track of 283 hurricanes curring since 1851 and 2008.  Using the various controls you can filter the dataset by storm intensity (Tropical Depression through Cat5), Year (slider on the bottom), landfall location (slider on the right), and individual hurricane name or location. Historical Hurricane Tracker […] Visualizing (and Sharing) your Online Activity

A new web startup company “” aims to visualize your personal browsing behavior and provide a means of selectively sharing this data with friends or the world in general.  It has the popular social network features (Friends, sharing, connecting with twitter, etc) but for our interest is has a nice circular visualization of your history. […]

3D Radar from Weather Underground

I was checking the weather today, a decided rainy day, and saw that Weather Underground now has a “3d Weather Radar” Feature.  The overlay the existing 2D terrain & radar map with a 3d isosurface extracted from the data. The 3D interface shows 3 iso-surfaces of radar dBZ (3D surfaces of equal radar echo/precipitation strength). […]

Andrew Wilcox’s Mind Map of Mind Maps

In an interesting recursion, Andrew Wilcox and used MindMeister’s online mind-mapping software to construct a mind map of various mind mapping software packages, cataloging the pros and cons of each.  Mind maps are a popular organization & visualization tool for tracking a “stream of consciousness” brainstorming session, and the interesting recursion of this idea is […]

EyeBrowse can Record, Visualize and Share your Browser History

A new FireFox extension from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab collects web browsing behavior and compiles some interesting graphics showing your usage history. Eyebrowse [] is an add-on for Firefox developed by the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab at MIT, which has the ability to record, visualize, and share one’s browser history […]

Bing Launches Visual Search for SilverLight Users

If you’re one of the lucky few people in the world running SilverLight on your machine then you can head on over to and check our their new “Visual Search” feature.  Restricted to only a few queries, it replaces the classical list of links with an interactive visual display. While Visual Search might look […]

Nuclear energy revival infographic from Financial Times

The Financial Times has a new infographic online which shows the growth of Nuclear energy around the globe by existing reactors, reactors under contruction, and percentage of total power production. Nuclear energy – which currently provides about 15 per cent of the world’s electricty – has undergone a revival of interest in the past few […]