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Curse or coincidence? Scientists study Tornado Alley

NBCNews has an article on the recent tornado disasters, in the wake of yesterday’s Oklahoma touchdowns, and includes some interesting discussion with weather researchers and HPC simulations experts.  In addition, they have a few nice visualizations of historical storm data. “Tornado Alley” generally refers to the region centered in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and points north, […]

Visualizations show Hurricane Katrina gaining power

As part of a new planetarium show called “Dynamic Earth”, the NCSA working with NCAR to visualize terabytes of data related to the devastating Katrina hurricane.  The result is this beautiful, if not a bit scary, visualization of one of the worst hurricanes to land on US shores. A hurricane research team at the Earth […]

Visualization: How does Hurricane Irene compare to other hurricanes?

Tableau has an interesting visualization of the many natural disasters in the last 2 decades and lets you look at death tools, financial damage, and other figures across the US. I used the visualization and zoomed in to see what’s been happening since 2004. The cost of Hurricane Katrina was $145 billion and caused 1,833 […]
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How Irene Lived Up to the Hype

Nate Silver, brain behind the statistical magic of FiveThirtyEight, points his sights at Hurricane Irene and tries to come up with a reasonable analysis of news coverage as compared to economic impact and measurable damage of severe weather. We’ll accomplish this by creating a statistic which I’ll call the News Unit or NU. This is […]


Top Hurricane Tracking Sites for 2011

Hurricane season is underway, so all those folks in Florida & The Gulf States are anxiously awaiting to see if we’re gonna get another Katrina this year.  The forecast doesn’t look good: According to the Colorado State University’s June update there is a 48% chance for a major hurricane making landfall along the US East […]
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Map of the Tornadoes Across the South

The New York Times has a nice interactive viewer of the tornadoes that have ripped across the southeast United States. The death toll was high in several Southern states after devastating storms ripped through the region, spawning deadly tornadoes. The map shows the locations of reported tornadoes each hour (Central time) across the eastern United […]

March 11, 2011 Honshu tsunami propagation video

The NOAA Center for Tsunami Research has released a video of the tsunami propagation in the Pacific Ocean. Propagation of the March 11, 2011 Honshu tsunami was computed with the NOAA forecast method using MOST model with the tsunami source inferred from DART® data. From the NOAA Center for Tsunami Research, located at NOAA PMEL […]
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NOAA’s Visualizations of the Honshu Tsunami

The NOAA Center for Tsunami Research has released their initial visualizations of this morning’s Honshu Tsunami event. The graphics display forecast results, showing qualitative and quantitative information about the tsunami, including tsunami wave interaction with ocean floor bathymetric features, and neighboring coastlines. Tsunami model amplitude information is shown color-coded according the scale bar. While the […]


Hurricane Earl

Hurricane Earl is now the second major hurricane of the 2010 Atlantic season with winds of 125 mph. While the consensus track keeps it away from landfall on the United States, one must remember that hurricanes are notoriously unpredictable. The Weather Channel has posted a 3-D image of the eye of Hurricane Earl as of […]

NASA MODIS Imagery of Flooding in Pakistan

NASA turned the eye of it’s Moderate Resolution Imagine Spectroradiometer (MODIS) at Pakistan over the weekend, capturing some breathtaking “during” and “after” images of the summer monsoon season’s impact on the Indus River in northern Pakistan. Monsoon rains fall in Pakistan every summer, but the rains beginning in late July 2010 were unusually heavy. By […]


How to Forecast Weather

How to Forecast Weather |.

Infographic: The Makings of a Hurricane

Rianovosti has a neat infographic that shows how a Hurricane forms and the various measurement systems used to gauge the power of them.  It starts with the fact that the word ‘Hurricane’ comes from the evil American Indian god ‘Hurakan’, and then covers the various hydrodynamic effects of a hurricane. A hurricane is a storm. […]