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Intel’s Visualize this interviews Chris Taylor on Demigod

Intel’s weekly show “Visualize This!”, hosted by Arti Gupta, conducts an interview with Chris Taylor, CEO of Gas Powered Games.  The video opens with some new developments in Intel’s Graphics Performance Analyzer (GPA), and then moves into talking about how the GPA was instrumental in the development of GPG’s “Demigod”. See the Video after the […]

Big Machine Design talks about Front Mission Evolved

In a new press release from Maxon, Big Machine Design discusses creating the cinematic for the upcoming “Front Mission Evolved” game. To accomplish the seamless movement of the Wanzers the BMD team used colleagues as stand-ins for the robots, shooting those segments while working out the choreography in realtime. Those performances were then used as […]

Carmack believes iPhone 3GS Can Run id Tech 5

John Carmack of id software, now part of Bethesda, sits down with Toms Hardware to talk about the iPhone 3GS and what can be done with the new OpenGLES2.0 hardware, and he’s excited about the possibility. In fact, he proclaims, “now I am very excited about what I can do from a hardware and graphics […]

Online game site Gaikai Video Demo

A live video demonstration of the Gaikai online gaming service is now online, and the results are impressive.

The making of MAFIA II

2K Czech has finished up Mafia 2 and the results are stunning.  They sit down with CGSociety to talk about the project and how they brought the godfather era to life. “We are using 3ds Max and ZBrush. The main tool is 3ds Max but for creating the characters or more complex normal maps we […]

ZeniMax, owner of Bethesda Software, acquires id Software

ZeniMax, parent company of Bethesda Softworks, has just announce that they will be acquiring famous game engine development powerhouse id software.  Bethesda is well-known for it’s Fallout and Elder Scrolls series, while id is famous for it’s first-person shooter franchises Quake and Doom. At first glance, id, an almost exclusively first-person shooter dominated studio; and […]

Poke London’s augmented reality RubberDuckZilla mini-games

An augmented reality website promotion built around Coca-Cola's new fruit drink Oasis taps into graphic talent from Rex Crowle.

New Sony PSP Augmented Reality Game INVIZIMALS

Novarama has demonstrated a new Augmented Reality creature capture/combat game for the Sony PSP using the Videocamera attachment.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Video Game Cinematic

A new trailer for the upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic was released at E3, showing some fantastic CG renderings and motion tracking work.

Simul Weather v1.2 SDK Now Available

Simul Weather, a C++ library for volumetric cloud data, hits v1.2 and provides realtime access to that data via a lightweight API.

Seasonal Flu vs Pandemic Flu Infographic Game

A new interactive infographic that works as a game aims to teach people about the similarities and differences between the seasonal Flu and the pandemic Flu (Avian, Swine, take your pick).  It’s an isometric game that borrows alot of it’s visuals from infographic theories. Here is a game that allows you to learn more about […]

Render Impostering in Simsville

“Impostering” isn’t a new idea in real-time rendering, it’s been around for quite some time.  To put it simply, it’s replacing complex geometry with simple sprites (textures) to reduce the complexity of the scene.  If the sprites can be dynamically regenerated upon certain criteria (when the camera exceeds some threshold, usually) or cached locally, then […]