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Al Roker and Matt Lauer - Sharknado VFX in post

The VFX of Swimming with the Sharks in Sharknado 2: The Second One

The creative team at The Asylum turns to LightWave 3D software to deliver 99% of the visual effects for the sequel to the Syfy Network’s popular Sharknado franchise With Sharknado becoming a cult hit, it’s no surprise that Sharknado 2:The Second One, would do the same, and, it has been revealed, Sharknado 3 is already […]
Devil Demon Strategy computers

Devil & Demon Delivers Supercomputers For Everyone, launches at NAB 2014

The Devil & Demon Strategy has just announced the availability of super-computers for everyone. The new product line of custom-tuned Devil supercomputers and fast Demon workstations unleash unparalleled computing muscle in small footprints, with a breakthrough business model delivering flexible and cost-competitive purchasing options. Devil and Demon Strategy, will launch at NAB 2014, April 5-10 […]


Chaos Group Ships V-Ray 3.0 for 3ds Max

Versatile Lighting, Shading, and Rendering Toolkit for 3ds Max Delivers Powerful New Feature Set; Production-Ready for Teams of Any Size Chaos Group has just lauched V-Ray 3.0 for 3ds Max continuing the company’s goals of making speed and simplicity accessible to all artists. With significant optimizations to the ray tracing core, Brute Force GI, Progressive […]
The CG Story - cover

Two new books for visual thinkers you can’t read on a Kindle

With holiday gifting and the end of the years on people’s minds, there are plenty of lists that are “Best of..” or “Perfect gifts for …” This list is a little different: here are 2 books that should be purchased as BOOKS… not e-books, not i-books, not Kindle books. I hope the reasons will become […]

Guerilla editor (detail)

Guerilla Render V1.0 Release on December 4th, 2013

Mercenaries Engineering is announcing the release date of the new Guerilla Render, the Next Generation Renderer focused on Production’s requirements. Their press release gives the following details: On December 4th 2013, future customers will be able to download Guerilla Render V1.0 upon registration on Guerilla Render’s website At the occasion of the world premiere, […]

VFX in Los Angeles – 100 hour weeks & homeless

Over at FXGuide they have an interview with “Victor”, a young starting VFX professional traveling and working VFX internships in Los Angeles in shocking conditions. Victor’s annual income is under $10,000. In Los Angeles the poverty level for a single member household is $11,490. He has healthcare because the Affordable Care Act mandates that he […]


Realflow 2013 New Features Videos

Realflow remains the industry standards for fluid simulations in VFX, and the new RealFlow 2013 is on the horizon.  It’s got so many features, it’s hard to pack them all into a single review: Fracture support for models New file formats like Alembic Maxwell render support Hybrido 2 support Simulation and Relationship graphs Meshing algorithms […]

NDP’s ‘corporate welfare’ for film industry won’t save jobs

Up in British Columbia, legislators are pitching a new film labor tax credit raise up to 40% that will “allow competition with other jurisdictions”. With a proposed cost per-film of $100,000-$120,000 paid by the taxpayers, there is obvious backlash. But economists call it “corporate welfare,” and say B.C. should get out of what has become […]

Collider Conference to Host NY VFX Town Hall

ComputerGraphicsWorld brings us the news that on June 10th up in New York, there will be a VFX Town Hall moderated by Mariana Acuna (@vfxchick) to discuss the recent turmoils in the VFX space. “The VFX Town Hall at COLLIDER promises to be a unique experience,” says Acuña. “There are so many vital issues at […]

IRON MAN 3 Special Effects Video Reels

Iron Man 3 starts off the big movie summer with another VFX-fest full of explosions, armor suits, and death defying stunts.  Geektyrant has a good collection of shot breakdowns showcasing some of the bigger VFX projects. Regardless of what you thought of the story, the special effects ended up being really good as always. I enjoy […]

Shade VFX Expanding Despite Visual-Effects Industry Troubles

Amidst the turmoil of closures and bankruptcies plaguing the VFX industry, it seems newsworthy to hear that Shade VFX in Santa Monica, CA is actually thriving and just moved into a new space doubling their size.  What are they doing differently?  Easy: Making good business deals. Godwin admits that in some cases Shade has been […]

‘Iron Man 3′: The VFX that made the ‘barrel of monkeys’ scene soar

One of the big nail-biting scenes of the new Iron Man 3 is the “barrel of monkeys” freefall, where Iron Man has only seconds to save a crew of 13 freefalling from a now-crashing Air Force 1.  At first glance, you may think it’s some amazing CG and bluescreen work, but the reality is far […]