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LG presents 39 new LCD HDTVs at CES

LG opened CES with their Press Briefing, and Engadget has the mammoth press release announcing 39 new LCD HDTV’s that cover the entire spectrum from high-end to low-end. The top of the line LE9500 Series  is LG's first LED 3D HDTV offering, but is also ultra slim with a 8.5mm bezel, has optional wireless HDMI […]

MAXON BodyPaint3D Brings Star Trek to BluRay

The original Star Trek series with Willaim Shatner and Leonard Nimoy may not seem like something worth bringing to BluRay.  Footage from that time didn’t have the type of quality that would really make conversion to BluRay very effective, but the folks at MAXON worked with VFX Artist Max Gabl to use BodyPaint3D to remaster […]

The ‘Simpsons’ comedy tree on

The Simpsons has just  celebrated their 20th anniversary, and CNN Entertainment published this “Simpsons Comedy Chart” showing the various influences of the brand. However, in doing so, “The Simpsons” stands on the comedic shoulders of many that came before — and has influenced countless works that have arrived since. Here are just a few of […]

New 3D LCD from LG with Full HD Resolution

While I dispute the “world’s first” part of the claim, LG hast just announced a new 3D LCD TV that works with active shutter glasses to create true full-resolution 3D visuals. Although full HD 3D images have been developed for contents such as video games, movies and animations, 3D display products with full HD resolution […]

HDI Stereoscopic Laser TV a Reality, in 2010

The massive laser-based stereoscopic TV from startup HDI, which we covered first here, has just made the impressive transition to manufacturing, putting it on track for an early 2010 release. October 28, 2009 – Los Gatos, CA – HDI Ltd. announces it has entered into a manufacturing agreement to mass produce their proprietary 100-inch diagonal […]

OLED Stereoscopic LCD Televisions

Gizmodo is carrying news about two new Stereoscopic televisions hitting the market soon. First off is the new offerings from AU Optronics (AUO), glasses-free 3D Televisions. AOU (sic) is also showing a new high-def 3D panel that that can scale from 8- to 65-inches in size. It’s got a 2D/3D switch, and has a higher […]

Samsung’s 3mm-Thick HDTV

Samsung is unveiling a new “world’s slimming” television, the 120hz OLED 40″ HDTV that is a mere 3mm thick.  This destroys their previous record of an 8.9mm display.  As usual no word on pricing or release date other than “ASAP”. Akihabara News via Samsung’s 3mm-Thick HDTV – Samsung 3mm thin HDTV – Gizmodo.

Startup unveils 100 inch 3D laser TV

A new player has popped up in the 3D Television market, HDI of Los Gatos, showcasing a whole new take on the industry: Laser Televisions. Now comes the next step, in this 100-inch screen. The colors are richer than anything else, because they come from lasers. The lasers are cheap. They’re low power, consuming just […]

Alioscopy releases User Generated Content Platform

Alioscopy has released a new toolkit powered by Ignition, a real-time interactive engine from Applied Ideas Inc, called the User Generated Content platform that allows users to create 3D models or video for instant playback on their glasses-free 3D TV. “Alioscopy is constantly offering its customers a way to create and edit autostereoscopic 3D content […]

Kateevas T Jet promises new larger OLED Panels

A new technology from Kateevas called “T Jet” uses inkjet printers and a micro-dryer to create Gen 8.5 substrates and larger (up to 6-feet a side) to create new larger OLED panels that would be required for those dreamy 50-inch screens. With the T Jet technology OLED TVs could cost about 70 percent of what […]

Sony Brings 3D Home in 2010

Looks like some of the rumors were true, as a new press-release from Sony announces that Sony will be bringing 3D LCD TV’s into the home in 2010, with what appears as some early versions available for Christmas this year. Sony’s 3D compatible “BRAVIA” LCD TVs incorporate frame sequential display and active-shutter glass systems*1, together […]

Keyframe Digital talks about Syfy’s Warehouse 13

One of Syfy’s newest shows is Warehouse 13, a somewhat X-Files show where the two main characters go out in search of a new rare artifact each week, and mischief and mayhem follows.  With any show like this, the VFX play a major part and for Warehouse 13, Keyframe Digital got the job.  Film & […]