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Ziv Qual discusses Advanced Multi-Channel Texturing

Ziv Qual has a great tutorial on CGArena about performing Multi-channel texturing in 3DS Max. The method I refer to as Multi channel texturing takes advantage of the ability to have many different map channels (in other softwares like Maya this is referred to as UV-sets) for the same object while it’s material is made […]

Using Premiere Pro for Stop Motion Animations

Craig Baldwin has written up a great step-by-step tutorial on using Premiere Pro to create stop-motion animations from source photographs. Before getting started in Premiere Pro you’ll need to have taken your photos, copied them onto your computer and (in this tutorial) made them 1920 x 1080. I do this because 1080p is the best […]

Lighting and Materials inside 3ds max using Vray

CGArena has collected a 1-hour set of video tutorials from Giorgio Luciano, showing how to configure lighting & materials in Vray using 3DSMax.  They cover everything from basic-setup to caustics and HDR rendering. Video Tutorial: Lighting and Materials inside 3ds max using Vray.

15 ParticleTutorials from Around the Web

AETuts has gathered 15 great Particle-effect tutorials into a single article for your reading enjoyment. Most of them come from VideoCopilot, but they’re all definately worth looking into for some fancy special effects. 15 Inspiring Particle-Based Tutorials from Around the Web – Aetuts+.

Vunky Search – Photoshop Tutorials

Vunky Search is a search engine dedicated to PhotoShop tutorials.  Showing an example for each tutorial, it’s a great way to learn new Photoshop tricks. Vunky Search.