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Blender, Cinema4D, and MudBox Video Tutorials

CGHeute (in german) has scoured vimeo and Youtube to create a nice collection of video tutorials for some of your favorite products. Blender - including Building a House, Ambient Occlusion, and compositing nodes MudBox - modeling heads, using curves, and speed sketching Cinema4D - An intro tutorial, using Dynamics, and the Clothilde system Some great […]

Making of a Bullet Hitting an Egg in 3DS-Max

PxlEyes has a tutorial online that uses 3dsMax, Glu3D, and Cebas Finarender to create an animation of an egg being shattered by a bullet.  The tutorial is a bit old (based on Max7) but many of the techniques used still apply on newer versions. The total tutorial is about 40 minutes, and split into 2 […]


27 New and Fabulous 3D Tutorials in Photoshop

Over at the SmashingHub, they’ve compiled a good list of 27 photoshop tutorials focusing on the new 3D features, and using some of the older features to get similar 3D-ish effects. Designers love tutorial that can help them to learn every day. Photoshop might not be known as best software for designing 3D elements but […]

Assembly/Disassembly with Particle Flow in 3Ds Max

A neat tutorial from Sachin Joshi shows a clever use of Particle Flow in 3dsMax, using it to map motion of exploding objects like this camcorder and tripod. Being creative with the dynamic systems in our 3D applications can produce stunning, exciting and elegant results. In this tutorial, Sachin Joshi walks us through one such […]


Tutorial: Realistic Water in 3DS Max

CGRats has a great step-by-step tutorial with downloadable scenes on how to create and render Realistic Water in 3ds Max.  Combining HDR with procedural textures, the end result is an amazing realistic image. Realistic Water in 3DS Max – CGRats – Daily CG tutorials and resources.

Robert Kosara’s Protovis Primer

Protovis is a great Javascript-based data visualization toolkit for your web browser that is gaining popularity for it’s ease of use and powerful capabilities.  As browsers get more and more powerful and JavaScript engines improve, less and less of this is falling into the realm of Flash and static images, and ProtoVis is on the […]

Huge Collection of Character Modeling Tutorials

3dTotal has a huge collection of 50 great character modeling tutorials online for your viewing pleasure. Here we have a collection of 50 of the best character tutorials and making of’s specializing in everything from aliens and humanoids to fantasy and organic characters, compiled together all in one place. This collection has tutorials relating to […]

The Foundry Stereo Tutorials

The Foundry has begun posting Stereo Tutorials on their youtube channel.  So far the selection is limited, but so far they have a 3-parter on shooting Stereo, a 4-parter on Preparing the Plates, and a video on Tereo Terminology by Simon Robinson. YouTube – TheFoundryChannel’s Channel.


Blender Tutorials: Creating Fur with the Particle System

David Ward has a new tutorial on BlenderCookie that focuses on creating fur with the Blender Particle system. In this Blender 2.5 Video Tutorial, I go further with the particle hair system and cover the creation of fur in multiple layers. Keep watching at the end, as I added some lighting tips to get a […]

Tutorial: 3D Ground Cover Modeling in 3D Studio Max

Ronen Bekerman has a great tutorial on using Instanced geometry and proxies to create “ground covering” in the form of rocks, grass, and leaves.  The results are amazing and go a great ways to add realism to a scene.  He uses several scripts to make it easier, and provides links and details on each. Advanced […]