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Tutorial on Mesh Extraction in Zbrush

ZBrush is an incredibly powerful and popular meshing tool, but also a bit daunting for first-time users.  3DM3 have added a set of video tutorials online to show how to create new geometry from existing geometry via Mesh Extraction. In these 3 video tutorials you will understand how to create a new geometry from the […]

Rendering through Indigo in Cinema4D

CGArena has a tutorial online showing the use of Indigo, a free physicall-based rendering engine, in Cinema 4D. CGArena: Rendering through Indigo in Cinema4D.

RealFlow4 Case Study, Whole

RealFlow has a great case study online about the “Whole” commercial we discussed earlier.   They talk in great depth about the struggles of binding water to geometry with RealFlow, and how they managed to make the commercial work with a single all-encompassing RealFlow Sim. Our early tests were quite slow with a lot of calculations […]

Yuri Sakovich’s Prolapsed Eye

Yuri Sakovich has a new tutorial online at CGArena about a new model made using Zbrush. Modeling was very simple. I based my model off the original sketch and created what is known as an organized mesh. Meaning, that the topology of the model is in accordance to the muscle structure. Once that was done, […]

NVIDIA GPU Computing Webinars

NVidia has some free GPU computing tutorial webinars coming up.  The first class is “GPU Computing” and will cover writing small GPU programs, using on-chip shared memory, and coordinated GPU and CPU executing.  The second class is “Performance Considerations for CUDA Programming”, and covers basic optimization techniques, performance measuring, and getting the most out of […]

Viki Yeo’s Making of the Young Girl

The picture above is not a photograph.  It’s a rendered image from Viki Yeo, done with 3DSMax2009, ZBrush, Mental Ray and Photoshop.  He details how he started with reference photographs from and modeled the girl’s head, to render that image, in the latest tutorial on CGarena. Making of the Young Girl – CGArena.

Ziv Qual discusses Advanced Multi-Channel Texturing

Ziv Qual has a great tutorial on CGArena about performing Multi-channel texturing in 3DS Max. The method I refer to as Multi channel texturing takes advantage of the ability to have many different map channels (in other softwares like Maya this is referred to as UV-sets) for the same object while it’s material is made […]

Using Premiere Pro for Stop Motion Animations

Craig Baldwin has written up a great step-by-step tutorial on using Premiere Pro to create stop-motion animations from source photographs. Before getting started in Premiere Pro you’ll need to have taken your photos, copied them onto your computer and (in this tutorial) made them 1920 x 1080. I do this because 1080p is the best […]

Lighting and Materials inside 3ds max using Vray

CGArena has collected a 1-hour set of video tutorials from Giorgio Luciano, showing how to configure lighting & materials in Vray using 3DSMax.  They cover everything from basic-setup to caustics and HDR rendering. Video Tutorial: Lighting and Materials inside 3ds max using Vray.

15 ParticleTutorials from Around the Web

AETuts has gathered 15 great Particle-effect tutorials into a single article for your reading enjoyment. Most of them come from VideoCopilot, but they’re all definately worth looking into for some fancy special effects. 15 Inspiring Particle-Based Tutorials from Around the Web – Aetuts+.