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Immersive virtual reality in Industrial Training

If you’re considering a job in industrial process control, then you might want to brush up on your Halo skills as new technology from “Eyesim” integrates virtual reality headsets and simulations into training. By merging virtual plant imagery with screens from asset management or other application software, the Invensys solution creates a computer-generated representation of […]

Autodesk 3dsMax Certification

Autodesk has launched a new 3dsMax certification program to accompany their existing certifications for other applications, giving you another way to fluff your resume with your amazing graphics capabilities. Autodesk certifications are a reliable validation of an individual’s skills and knowledge that demonstrate expertise in a specific area,” said Paul Mailhot, senior director of Autodesk […]

Virtual Reality Medical Education in Second Life

Use of Second Life, the popular free virtual environment “sandbox”, in medical education has been discussed before.  It’s different, however, to hear an actual MD talking about how great it is.  In a new article by Peter Yellowless MD, he discusses his experiences using and creating medical training environments in Second Life with great results: […]

Escape Studios Skillset Visual Effects Course

Twelve lucky participants will have the opportunity to take the Escape Studios Skillset Visual Effects course, an 18 week course at the London Studios, for free thanks to the Skillset Film Skills Fund, and even receive minimum wage throughout their attendance. The Skillset Visual Effects course will offer a rich mix of intensive practical training […]

New CGWorkshops on Matte Painting and Maya Scripting

CGSociety has announced a pair of new workshops available for enrollment.  First is “Matte Painting” form David Luong: Matte Painter, compositor and VFX guru David Luong is back with his updated Matte Painting workshop. This is an intermediate to advanced level matte painting class using Adobe Photoshop as well as using AfterEffects and/or Nuke to […]

NVidia SIGGRAPH 2009 Slides Online

If you couldn’t make it to SIGGRAPH, or couldn’t make it to all of NVidia’s presentations (and they had several), then hit up the NVidia Developer Zone where they’ve posted slides for their talks. NVIDIA @ SIGGRAPH 2009.

South Tyneside College to create 3D Model of Whitby Port

The South Tyneside College has just won a contract to create a 3D Simulation model of New North Yorkshire’s Whitby Port.  The model is to be used in a new training simulation for ship pilots. “Our simulation unit provides an experience as close to real life as you’ll ever get, and gives pilots a unique […]

Can Training in Second Life Teach Doctors to Save Real Lives?

VR medical simulators have been around for a while, but this is the first one I’ve heard of using Second Life to simulate an entire hospital.  Imperial College London has created a “virtual hospital” inside Second Life containing an O.R., patients, and more. For sims like these, students wear a heads-up display, similar to those […]

New Houdini Shading And Rendering Video

A new training video for Side FX’s Houdini focuses on Shading and Rendering. The most frequent request from our customers was involving rendering and shading issues with the Houdini package itself.. We assembled a list of the most frequently asked questions and compiled a video knowledge base in this 4 hour Hi-Definition feature. Online documentation […]

The Summer Institute at Wallenberg Hall

A pair of classes will be going on August 10-14th as part of the Summer Institute at Wallenberg Hall. Data Visualization: Theory and Practice . August 10-11. The goals of the workshop are to provide both a practical and theoretical introduction to visualization. This will include a primer in the underlying perceptual principles, and presentations […]

Houdini at SIGGRAPH 2009

Side Effects Software, makers of Houdini, will be at SIGGRAPH2009 this year talking about how you can use Houdini in educational environments for CG training.  They will have Aliza Sorotzkin, Training & School Accounts Manager, and Peter Robinson, Senior Trainer, on hand to speak to you about learning & teaching Houdini. Also, if you’re just […]

The Visible Ear Simulator

A new tool from the Alexandra Institute and Rigshopitalet, University of Copenhagen creates a training simulator for drilling near the human ear.