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Calit2’s 9-screen LCD Visualization Rig

Researchers at the University of California, San Diego’s Calit2 Visualization team have constructed the “NexCAVE”, a 9-screen rig built from LCD monitors for immersive visualization. Researchers from the group have constructed a three-column, nine-panel 3D display using flat screens from JVC, stereoscopic glasses, and “game PCs with high end NVIDIA game engines.” Dubbed NexCAVE, it’s […]

Engaging Students with Giant Visualization

Jody Strausser is an assistant professor of modeling and simulation at TCC, Tidewater Community College, where he was invited to setup a two-year program specializing in computer modeling.  He quickly realized that they needed a good visualization lab for it to be effective, and with tiled-displays being all the rage he begun to look into […]

LCD Tiled Displays LCD vs Blended Projectors

Over the last several years, Tiled Displays have slowly transitioned from costly blended-projection systems to LCD walls.  The LCD walls are typically cheaper to build and maintain, but the bezels are a common source of complaints.  Two visualization professors at Texas A&M University are finally going to settle the debate between the two technologies to […]

How many pixels do we need anyway?

With tiled displays becoming cheaper to build and more widespread in deployments, how many pixels can a user effectively see?