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The State of Our Nuclear Stockpile

Between Five Countries, Thousands of Nukes Powered by Tableau A great little visualization from “The State Of The USA” compiles data from around the world of historical nuclear stockpile sizes into a nice interactive visualization on Tableau Public. The size of the U.S. stockpile of nuclear warheads was officially disclosed in May to promote transparency […]

Zynga chooses Tableau Software for Analytics Visualization

FarmVille and Mafia Wars seem simple enough, click a few buttons and then wait for your crops to grow or stamina to regenerate, but under the hood is a wealth of user analytics that has to be parsed and sorted to keep Zynga is business.  They’ve just decided to use Tableau Software to parse all […]


ReadWriteWeb and Tableau Announce Winner

The ReadWriteWeb and Tableau Public challenge is over and the victor has been named: Rina Bongsu-Petersen and her visualization of U.S. Obesity Data.  The judges, including ReadWriteWeb’s co-editor Marshall kirkpatrick, had this to say: “This entry was able to provide strong analysis with a view of the data that fits the subject, and the result […]

Tableau Software to receive MCDM Digital Disrupter Award

The University of Washington hosted TEDx Seattle today, and now their Master’s of Communication in Digital Media department (MCDM) is awarding their first “Digital Disruptor” award to Tableau Software for their Tableau Public software.  The award is given to any local entity that pushes communication with innovative technology solutions, looking to identify “seismic shifts” caused […]


Data Visualization: Healthy Living Across US Counties

The blog Information Advantage has posted an article describing their entry into the Interactive Graph Contest sponsored by ReadWriteWeb and Tableau Public. Using Tableau, they have a several nice data visualizations of public health by counties in the United States. Of course, it is interactive, so if you find some of it a little bit […]

Tableau Software visualizes the Healthcare Vote

Tableau has another great graphic showing the distribution of votes in the recently passes Healthcare bill.  Up top you see their geographic map showing the distribution of uninsured patients and voting delegation, and below that is a collection of graphs adding in information on campaign contributions. After much deliberation, fighting, infighting and some rather intense […]


March Madness Comparison Tool

Tableau Software has taken their new Tableau Public and used it to compile the March Madness data into an interactive combination of a scatter chart and bar graph. March Madness is here! Like millions of Americans, I sat down today and realized I had no idea who was going to come out on top. Who […]

The ReadWriteWeb And Tableau Public Challenge

Contestants, dig out your visualization textbooks and prepare for a new contest from ReadWriteWeb and Tableau.  Download one of their preselected datasets, create an impressive visualization with Tableau Public, and have a chance to win an all-expenses paid trip to the Web2.0 EXPO and $500 cash. ReadWriteWeb and Tableau Public have teamed up to challenge […]


CBS Bringing Fantasy statistics to life in 2010

Sensing they may have stumbled onto something powerful, CBS Sports has partnered with Tableau Software to create a whole slew of new interactive visualization products for fantasy baseball and football fans.  But just new visualizations isn’t all, they’ve issued a Call for Ideas to the community to see what new information you want! Not only […]

Tableau launches Tableau Public Free to the Masses

Those of you looking for a free data visualization and analysis tool and found Google Fusion Tables lacking have a new tool to check out : Tableau Public. “Imagine if online data was as fun and accessible as online video,” said Christian Chabot, Tableau’s CEO and co-founder. “We created this product because we want to […]


Fantasy NFL Football Visualizations from CBS Sports

Fantasy Sports fans live in the world of numbers and statistics, making the data they work with perfect for visualization.  CBS Sport’s Jamey Eisenberg has an article up covering how 2009 went down in Fantasy NFL events, and visualizes some of the data using Tableau. As you can see with the interactive visualization below, we […]

EagerEyes takes A Look At Climate Data

Robert Kosara over at eagereyes throws his hat into the ring with the recently released climate data from the UK’s Met Office and throws his results back to the community.  First off is a much nicer formatted version of the data itself: I converted and reshaped the data into a CSV file that is much […]