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Viking Systems’ Next Generation 3DHD Visualization System

Several companies have experimented with 3D in the operating room, and the field of laporascopic surgery seems a perfect fit: Inserting tiny cameras and probes into tiny holes to see things on screens, it seems a perfect fit to add back the important depth characteristics.  However, most of these systems to date have used bulky […]

Using the Cintiq reduces Concept Time from 7 hours to 3

Patrick Shettlesworth designs concepts for Sony Online Entertainment giants like EverQuest and Planetside, as well as newer games like The Agency, and has used the Wacom Intuos for some time.  Draw his concept on paper, scan it in, then touch it up with Photoshop and his Intuos, to provide the final result.  In about 5-7 […]


Sony Open-Sources OpenColorIO

Another day and another big announcement from Sony Pictures Imageworks’ opensource initiative, this time to aid in all the pains of color transforming.  The new product, OpenColorIO, aims to provide a consistent method of storing and transferring color grading information between mainstream products, offering a simple streamlined way of maintaining this critical information. Unlike existing […]

ImageWorks & ILM Release Alembic Interchange Format

Today at SIGGRAPH, Sony Pictures Imageworks and ILM announced that they have collaborated on a new open-source project named ‘Alembic’, a new interchange format designed to efficiently store animation in a format that can be ready by multiple software applications. “Who better to understand the demands of high-end production better than those who are in […]


Sony Patents Alternative to Split-Screen Multiplayer

Stereoscopic 3D works by rendering two images on the screen, one for each eye.  Sony figures, rather cleverly I might add, that they can usurp that for other uses by displaying a single non-stereoscopic image for two players, giving full-screen multiplayer action to two players simultaneously. Broke My Controller noticed the patents, filed a year […]

Sony Unveils New 3D-Capable Cybershot

Sony has unveiled a new Cybershot camera that holds the title of ‘World’s Smallest 3D Camera’.  Coming in 3 models, it seems to have a single lens capable of shooting 3D photographs that can be viewed with the Sweep Multi Angle screen in 3D. “Sony is focused on being the leader in 3D technology leveraging […]


Stereoscopic 3D Gaming on PlayStation 3 Available Tomorrow

The Playstation Online system is down today for “maintenance”, but it seems it’s really to prep the system for the first four stereoscopic games for the platform, which come out tomorrow! * WipEout HD (full game): Experience the adrenalin rush of navigating the twists and turns of futuristic racetracks at breathtaking speeds like never before. […]

Sony Pictures Imageworks uses Spheron HDR Cameras

SpheronVR, makers of the SpheroCam HDR camera, has just announced that Sony Pictures Imageworks has invested in three of them for use in upcoming films. “We are delighted that Sony Pictures Imageworks will be using Spheron VR Technology,” said Peter Taylor, Spheron’s Business Manager, “SPHERON-VR High Dynamic Range (HDR) imagery can enhance and streamline the […]


PS3 3.30 System Software Update promises 3D Gaming

While no games are out (yet) that support it, Sony is pushing a new firmware update for their PS3 gaming console that brings stereoscopic 3D support to the masses. In addition, this update preps the PS3 system for some upcoming new features, including 3D stereoscopic gaming, which is coming soon to PS3, in time for […]

Sony puts 4K in AMC & Regal Theaters

A new press release from Sony announced an agreement that will bring their 4K Digital Cinema projectors into AMC and Regal Entertainment cinemas across the US. “We believe digital cinema enables the future for our industry, as it provides us versatility and delivers our guests a better entertainment experience,” said Gerry Lopez, president and CEO […]

Superfad’s colorful new Sony Bravia HDTV Promo

A beautiful new promo campaign from Superfad promotes the new Sony Bravia HDTV.  A beautiful combination of live video and CG environments with beautiful colors and effects bring the campaign to life. Superfad’s new in-store campaign for Sony is a startlingly beautiful and surreal homage to Sony’s global brand message of “make.believe” and a tribute […]

Sony Discontinues OLED TV In Japan

Sony is proclaiming an early death for OLED by ending their XEL-1 product sales in Japan. They’ll still continue selling OLED TVs internationally, but won’t pursue the Japanese market anymore, due to slow sales. Their XEL-1 was the first to hit the market, just two years ago, and sells for 200,000 Yen ($2,222) in Japan—all […]