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vizualize_me Beta: Visualize your LinkedIn Resume

Another entry in the automagic infographic space comes from “”, a new LinkedIn resume visualizer that hopes to cash in on the new craze of flashy colorful resumes.  While I think it’s neat to look at, I can’t imagine much real-world use for it, for the reason pointed out by information aesthetics: While the idea […]

Is Social Media about to Explode in Education?

Is Social Media about to Explode in Education? | Course Hero.


Infographic: Do You Need a Social Media Detox?

Column Five Media – Infographic: Do You Need a Social Media Detox? – Infographic Design, Content Creation, Social Media Strategy, Interactive Infographics.

Vox Event Analytics Demo

Another neat gadget from VisWeek, this time from Rutgers University.  The Vox system compiles data from twitter and other sources, and plots it all in a timeline with some nice searching and filtering tools, creating a neat way to dig through public sentiment around an event. Vox Event Analytics is a visual analytics system designed […]


The State of the GeoSocial Universe

The State of the GeoSocial Universe [INFOGRAPHIC]. Visualizing (and Sharing) your Online Activity

A new web startup company “” aims to visualize your personal browsing behavior and provide a means of selectively sharing this data with friends or the world in general.  It has the popular social network features (Friends, sharing, connecting with twitter, etc) but for our interest is has a nice circular visualization of your history. […]

Wired’s Media Diet Pyramid

In a recent issue of Wired Magazine they presented the “Media Pyramid”, establishing guidelines on gaming, social media, and entertainment in our modern society. Practicing good nutrition keeps your mind sharp, your body fit, and your life long. The same could be said for consuming media. (Seriously, knowledge is power.) When you add it all […]

The Hierarchy Of Digital Distractions

“Information is Beautiful” has done it again by adapting the classic Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs to the digital age with their new “Hierarchy of Digital Distractions”, cataloging all the things in the web2.0 “always-on” instant-access world that come before work. In this diagram, each level in this hierarchy trumps the next. So, if you get […]

Interactive Comments from has the story on a new toy called from Manuel Tan which generates interactive 3D pie charts of Digg Comments surrounding a story. Commentry is an interactive 3d visualization of comments on a popular digg story. Digg’s rating system combined with word counts allows us to see the status as well as health […]

6 Gorgeous Facebook Visualizations

Mashable has compiled a list of 6 great facebook visualizations, primary force-directed graph layouts, that you can check out with your own FaceBook friends and see what mysteries lie underneath the surface. Like every complex network, Facebook offers unlimited possibilities of visual representation of the various connections between its users. We’ve chosen six beautiful visualizations […]

Web Trend Map 4 Goes Interactive, Drops July 14th

We’ve talked about the Web Trends Map before, and now ReadWriteWeb had gotten the hot tip that it’s about to go interactive. Domains and personalities are carefully selected through dialogue with map enthusiasts, and every domain is evaluated based on traffic, revenue, and character”. Information architecture company iA built this awesome visualization and we have […]