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CTA Millenial Survey 2015

Millennials Master the Second Screen

More than Three-quarters use Second Screens When Watching Video, According to Consumer Technology Association More than three-quarters (88 percent) of millennials engage in second screen behaviors when watching video content, the highest percentage of any demographic, according to a new study from the Consumer Technology Association™ (CTA), formerly the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)®. The report, […]

RendezView. This screenshot shows the user interface layout, design, and functionalities of the RendezView framework. Each cube’s position, dimensions, and color correspond to geospatial, temporal, and/or topic metadata. Additional visualizations include a word cloud, a 2D map to more clearly show geospatial dimensions, and labels displaying the time range of the selected data. The user can click on links between keywords to display geospatial temporal intersections of those keywords on the 3D map. Courtesy Melissa Bica.

Mining social media to manage crises

Human centered computing and crisis informatics provide a window into how humans and our systems perform in a crisis. Melissa Bica has devised a tool to visualize and analyze our social media activity during these crucial moments. SC15 highlights rising talent and cutting edge technology. University of Colorado Boulder student Melissa Bica devises social media analytics […]

GumGum Launches Mantii, Real-Time Image Recognition Comes To Social Media

GumGum, a digital marketing platform for the visual web, announced today the release of Mantii, a real-time social media listening tool that provides image recognition capabilities not available from other platforms. Built on GumGum’s proprietary image recognition and deep learning technology, Mantii alerts brands when and how consumers share images relevant to their brands. “Social […]

Pew Institute Research on increased use of Pinterest and Instagram between 2012 and 2015

Mobile Messaging and Social Media 2015

Pinterest and Instagram usage doubles since 2012 36% of adult smartphone owners use messaging apps, while 17% use apps that automatically delete sent messages. These types of apps are adding to an already complex terrain of digital and social communication. Meanwhile, social media platforms continue to attract dedicated users. Sourced through from: Faster […]
Snapchat logo with question mark

Snapchat may or may not be for everyone

Social media has earned the odd acronym of SM, which could also mean that, for marketing managers or digital non-natives there is some level of sadomasochism involved in keeping up with the trends, whether or not to drop Facebook YET, deciding if Google+ is a wasteland, and how often to Tweet. For the unenlightened, here […]

Quickfire Networks purchased by Facebook

Facebook purchases QuickFire networks for greater speed video content delivery… and 4K?

Facebook, in its drive to respond to the ever-increasing uploading and sharing of social video, has purchased QuickFire Networks, as announced yesterday. QuickFire CEO Craig Y. Lee released a statement on the site’s homepage, stating; QuickFire Networks was founded on the premise that the current network infrastructure is not sufficient to support the massive consumption […]
Polaroid Blipfoto on all mobile devices

Polaroid partners with award-winning online photo journal, Blipfoto

Polaroid and Blipfoto, the award-winning online photo journal and social network, has just announced a partnership launching Polaroid Blipfoto, Polaroid Blipfoto is the unique online photo journal which encourages everyone to document their lives with just one photo each day. “People used to save their precious photos in a shoebox, looking through them and smiling […]

DataHero launches Google Analytics Integration to create data visualizations

DataHero, a self-service cloud data visualization tool, today announced the launch of its Google Analytics integration. More than half of all businesses use Google Analytics on a daily basis and understand the limitations of having to export to Excel or write complex scripts to get what they need out of their data. DataHero already offers […]
Salesforce Exacttarget marketing cloud logo

The ExactTarget Marketing Cloud adds Pinterest Business Insights to better understand brand’s effectiveness

As the increase of visual marketing through Pinterest, the ExactTarget Marketing Cloud from announced the expansion of its 1:1 digital marketing capabilities with the addition of Pinterest Business Insights, providing marketers with data to better understand their brands’ effectiveness on Pinterest. As a launch partner of Pinterest’s MarTech Developer alpha, ExactTarget Marketing Cloud was […]

Dell technology drives the show at SxSW Fader Fort

Lights, Camera, Interaction: Dell’s visual technology at the Fader Fort for #SxSW 2014

In the video studio at the Fader Fort Last night Dell brought lights, camera, and interaction to the Fader Fort at South by SouthWest. the Fader Fort is best described as a popup music/entertainment venue, with a combination of indoor and outdoor spaces. Tented food areas and a huge stage graced by live entertainment, scheduled […]
The Social Media Design Blueprint

All the social media platform design specs you need in one Infographic

This is “The Ridiculously Exhaustive Social Media Design Bluprint”, created (and updated as of May, 2013) by Tent Social. I’m not quite sure if it’s truly an infographic as much as a design style guide, but considering how wide the definition of Infographic is reaching, we’ll accept it for that. More importantly, it’s a very […]