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AMD Unleashes New GPGPU Computing Tools, 3 New Fusion Chips

by Randall Handon August 26, 2011
In the ongoing battle between OpenCL & CUDA, AMD has launched the next volley with their latest AMD Accelerated Parallel PRocessing SDK v2.5. In related news, AMD earlier this month announced [press release] the availability of its AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing (APP) Software Development Kit (SDK) v2.5.  This OpenCL-driven SDK offers programmers tools to add general-purpose GPU […]


AMD Renames Stream to APP, and Offers a University Kit

by Randall Handon March 4, 2011
Realizing the success of Nvidia’s CUDA university initiatives, AMD recently announced a new OpenCL University Kit, a collection of materials that can be used in any university environment to teach OpenCL programming. “Teaching students to effectively leverage the OpenCL standard involves all the intricacies of parallel programming plus support for a new class of heterogeneous […]

Winners of the 2010 Qualcomm Augmented Reality Developer Challenge

by Randall Handon February 17, 2011
Qualcomm has announced the winners of their 2010 Augmented Reality Developer Challenge.  A clever way to push usage of their new AR SDK, I see some pretty clever uses of the technology for some fun little games. Winning Applications 1st Place – $125,000 – Paparazzi by Paulius Liekis and Arminas Didžiokas (Lithuania) An interactive game […]


Woody3D – Real-Time 3D Tree Engine

by Randall Handon February 4, 2011
A new competitor to SpeedTree is on the horizon in a tool called “Woody3D”.  Fully animated tree generation and rendering with just a click of a button, and it now comes complete with C++ and SDK code to allow you to link it into any application of your choosing.  The new version even comes with […]

Parallel Nsight 1.51 Pro Now Available Free

by Randall Handon January 27, 2011
Big news for Visual Studio developers using CUDA, NVidia has just announced that the newest version of PArallel NSight 1.51 Professional Edition is now available for free for all!  Coming with all of the great professional tools, this is huge news and a mandatory download for anyone doing NVidia GPU development on Windows. Parallel Nsight […]


Equalizer 1.0and Collage 1.0 Alpha now Available

by Randall Handon January 14, 2011
Equalizer, the somewhat next-generation of the massive tiled display system Chromium, has just hit version 1.0 alpha and added a nice API and SDK system called ‘Collage’. The most notable new features in this release are: Full feature set and API of Equalizer 1.0 GPU compression plugins Failure tolerance during initialization Administrative API for runtime […]

ElcomSoft cracks Canon’s Digital Signature Algorithm

by Randall Handon November 30, 2010
In an attempt to stem the many photoshopped images that wind up on the front pages of major newspapers, Canon has integrated a special crytographic security measure that allows someone to determine if the image is an original or has been altered. In brief, modern DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex) cameras produced by Canon feature Original […]


NVidia Releases Production CUDA 3.2

by Randall Handon November 18, 2010
Yesterday NVidia announced the newest release of the CUDA Toolkit, version 3.2, that not only offers some new CUDA libraries for things like sparse matrix work and random number generation (important for crytography), but a nice 300% performance boost in the older CUDA BLAS libraries. They’ve also added an h.264 encode and decode algorithm to […]
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Intel® Announces OpenCL SDK

by Randall Handon November 16, 2010
Possibly to compete against NVidia & PGI’s ‘CUDA x86‘ offering, Intel has announced at SC10 that they have a new OpenCL SDK enabling executing of OpenCL code on Intel x86 Processors, currently only on Windows Vista & Windows 7. OpenCL* is an emerging standard from the Khronos Group industry consortium. As a Khronos founder and […]