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Lucky Sort Grabs Half A Million For Big Data Visualization

TechCrunch brings us news of a new startup called “Lucky Sort” based out of Portland, Oregon that aims to bring live data import and analysis to the iPad. That where TopicWatch comes in. With the new service, Lucky Sort’s first product, the company wants to enable users to sift through social media, government filings, news […]

Visualizing Device Utilization

For folks who run large datacenters or server-farms, systems monitoring is a typical boring day-to-day thing.  However, there are mountains of data available that are typically forgotten or lost due to a severe lack of good analysis and visualization tools.  Brendan Gregg has a great writeup of alternative ways to visualize real-time performance of multiple […]


Next gen Square Enix engine vs real life

Square Enix, video game publisher behind titles like Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, has been demonstrating their new “realtime rendering engine” that they claim will to what they call “quality live action” graphics.  The photos and video they’ve shown are truly impressive. As examined in the screenshots below, Square Enix is trying to get as […]

SIGGRAPH2011 Real-Time Live!

The ACM has just put out the call for entries in this year’s SIGGRAPH2011 Real-Time Live event, where people submit examples of Real-Time rendering work and get a chance to demonstrate it live on-stage. Building on its debut at the SIGGRAPH 2009 Computer Animation Festival, Real-Time Live! expects to continue its trend of growth and […]


Stereoscopic 3D Copy & Paste

A group of researchers demonstrated a powerful Stereoscopic 3D photo editor at SIGGRAPH2010 Asia, and the demonstration video is now available online.  In the video, they show first a nice object classification system that works on stereo pairs, and then show some amazing cut-n-paste tools they’ve created.  The tools can properly correct perspective as you […]

Springer’s Real-Time View of What Scientists Are Reading

Scientific publisher ‘Springer’ has released a collection of free analytics and visualization tools for traffic on their website, showing which publications are the most popular and allowing you to track how often they are downloaded. The interactive visualizations include a map showing where the downloads are coming from, a constantly updated keyword tag cloud, and […]


NVidia Quadro’s accelerate Real Time Tomography’s AdaraGPU

Real Time Tomography has a new product called ‘AdaraGPU’ that uses the power of NVidia Quadro’s to process and enhance digital mammography images 10x faster than their CPU-based counterparts, improving image quality and reducing time to diagnosis. “Reducing the time to display an image on the screen will improve throughput in the clinic,” says Dr. […]

Real-Time Dynamic Fur on the GPU

An article over on from Dzmitry Malyshau starts off light with a discussion of Particle Systems and pitches a way to build Particle Systems that run entirely on the GPU for blinding speed and a huge jump in the number of concurrent particles.  Then he adapts this to do Fur simulation, and finally adds […]


Neutrone Real-Time Rendering Engine

Several years under development and first demo’ed at GDC, the NeutronE gaming engine brings real-time rendering via DirectX11 and GPU/CPU cooperation.  The technology is still fairly young, but their website has several demonstration videos showing what it can do.  A short bulleted list looks like: Real-time Global Illumination Real-time detail tessellation Real-time time-of-day change Compute […]

Illuminate Labs releases “Beast” Lighting Tool

Illuminate Labs has followed up on their recent release of the “Turtle” lighting tool for Maya with a new tool for gaming: Beast.  Fully integrated with the Unreal3 Engine, Gamebryo LightSpeed and Toolbench, and several other engines, it brings baked and dynamic lighting to real-time systems. Beast is used to bake light maps, shadow maps […]


Mauricio Vives on I3D2010

Mauricio Vives, Autodesk employee, recently attended the I3D symposium in Bethesda, Maryland and wrote up his experience over at the Realtime Rendering blog.  I3D is a conference primarily for games, so it is heavily focused on real-time rendering of primarily static and tightly-controlled environments. However, an emerging trend in graphics research for games is to […]

Cascade Light Propagation Volumes for Real-Time Indirect Lighting

Crytek has published a new paper & presentation on their website of some new technology they are working on for CryEngine3: Real time computation of indirect illumination.  From the description: This I3D 2010 paper is a result of collaborative research with Carsten Dachsbacher. The LPV technique was extended to support secondary occlusion and multiple bounces. […]