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Spatiotemporal Data Mining in R

If you’re an R user, you may want to check out the 2-part series at R-bloggers on visualizing spatiotemporal datasets. There are many visual methods used to identify patterns in space and time. I’ve discussed some in prior threads and will show a few others briefly here. One of the most difficult questions I often […]

Mashing up R & GoogleViz

Jeffrey Breen has some nice one-liners for R that show how you can use the popular statistics package with the “Google Visualization API” to create some great interactive graphs, specifically the famous “Motion Chart” shown by Hans Rosling at TED2006. First up: the googleVis package by Markus Gesmann and Diego de Castillo which makes it […]


Engineering Data Analysis with R and ggplot2

Lots of people wouldn’t really consider tools like ‘ggplot’ true visualization tools, but in some disciplines it’s exactly what’s called for: Simple visualization with no fuss.  A talk given by Hadley Wickman, and available online, discusses its use along with the popular statistics package R. Data analysis, the process of converting data into knowledge, insight and […]

Visualizing Facebook Friends: Eye Candy in R

Paul Butler got a lot of popularity from his beautiful Facebook Relationship graph, but surprised many people when he let it slip that he made the whole thing using R.  Known as a statistics and analysis package, the thought that it could create graphs like that was unexpected.  In a new blog post, he covers […]