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Stereoscopic 3D Gaming on PlayStation 3 Available Tomorrow

by Randall Handon June 9, 2010
The Playstation Online system is down today for “maintenance”, but it seems it’s really to prep the system for the first four stereoscopic games for the platform, which come out tomorrow! * WipEout HD (full game): Experience the adrenalin rush of navigating the twists and turns of futuristic racetracks at breathtaking speeds like never before. […]

Preview: International Cricket 2010 – XBox & PS3

by Randall Handon June 7, 2010
Impressive visuals, although I personally know nothing of the game.


PS3 3.30 System Software Update promises 3D Gaming

by Randall Handon April 22, 2010
While no games are out (yet) that support it, Sony is pushing a new firmware update for their PS3 gaming console that brings stereoscopic 3D support to the masses. In addition, this update preps the PS3 system for some upcoming new features, including 3D stereoscopic gaming, which is coming soon to PS3, in time for […]

Sony’s “White Knight Chronicles” Videos

by Randall Handon February 11, 2010
A few videos have emerged of the new “White Knight Chronicles” multiplayer RPG from game studio Level-5 for the Sony PS3.  Released in Japan back in 2008, the game will finally come to the english speaking world on February 26th making it the first cooperative multiplayer online RPG for the PS3.   The videos show […]

Sony says PS3 in 3D in 2010 to all existing games

by Randall Handon September 4, 2009
engadget has the scoop from Sony that they plan to release a firmware upgrade for the PS3 in 2010 that will enable support for 3D television in all existing games. Of course, you’ll need the special 3D glasses and a TV with a high refresh rate (probably 120hz minimum). In many ways, 3D just seems […]

Xbox 360 better than PS3? Part one: hardware

by Randall Handon August 31, 2009
The Xbox360 and PS3 have both been around for a few years now, and have really raised the bar on gaming consoles.  But now that they’ve been out and developers have had a chance to get down-and-dirty with the details, what do they think?  The examiner compiles some numbers on the graphics capabilities and finds […]

Sony’s Augmented Reality Pet Game

by Randall Handon July 29, 2009
We’ve mentioned EyePet here before, Sony’s augmented reality pet game for the PS3 and Eyetoy.  Over at Kotaku, they’ve got a short review of the game up and some video of it in action. These two videos show the beta version of the game which is being shown off today in New York. The game […]

What makes “Killzone 2″‘s Graphics so impressive?

by Randall Handon March 17, 2009
CGSociety has a great article up about the PS3′s newest hit, Killzone 2.  Announced long ago (Back in 2005 at E3), the game has been widely panned because of the long development time.  While the trailers showed some amazing visuals, everyone was pretty sure they were heavily doctored to look more impressive.  Now that the […]