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Google announces public beta of cloud-native rendering solution Zync

Rendering can be a serious bottleneck for VFX and 3D image designers, not to mention animators working in CG, and there are serious solutions being announced at SIGGRAPH this year from well-established production firms and platforms. This Monday Google is stepping into the arena with their announcement of a cloud-native solution, Zync, as posted by […]
Universal Scene Description

Pixar Announces Universal Scene Description to be Open-Sourced

Pixar Animation Studios announced today its intent to release its Universal Scene Description software (USD) as an open-source project by summer 2016. USD addresses the ever-growing need in the CG film and game industries for an effective way to describe, assemble, interchange, and modify high-complexity virtual scenes between digital content creation tools employed by studios. […]

The new version of Renderman

Pixar Releases Next Generation RenderMan For Commercial Use

Pixar Animation Studios today announced the long-anticipated commercial release of RenderMan’s RIS rendering architecture, introducing advanced methods for physically-based photorealism. Representing a major leap forward in the development of feature film rendering, RenderMan’s new progressive renderer supports multiple types of light transport including a state of the art uni-directional path tracer supplied with source code […]

Pixar releases OpenSubdiv Library to the Public

Pixar has just released a new library into the wild called “OpenSubdiv”, a high-performance subdivision surface library made popular initially with projects like Geri’s Game. OpenSubdiv is a set of open source libraries that implement high performance subdivision surface (subdiv) evaluation on massively parallel CPU and GPU architectures. This codepath is optimized for drawing deforming […]

Poach-gate Scandal: VFX Idol Steve Jobs Involved

VFX Soldier has a great piece on some of the recent discoveries in the ongoing Apple/Pixar/Lucasfilm investigation from the Justice Department.  The allegation is that these three studios (and maybe more) had an illegal agreement to not poach each other’s employees in an attempt to drive wages down.  Not only is this illegal, but it’s […]
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Steve Jobs and the Gift of Pixar

With the sudden passing of Apple founder Steve Jobs, the internet has been awash with stories of his great ideas and the many amazing products he brought to life at Apple during his tenure.  What has been largely overlooked is his similar guidance of a little computer graphics company named Pixar, brought from a dying […]


Rendering of Ed Catmull’s Hand from 1972

Robby Ingebretsen of NerdPlusArt has a great video of what may be the first ever 3D graphics, a manually-digitized rendering of Ed Catmull’s Hand done back in 1972. The film fell into my hands because Ed and my dad were good friends and office mates at the University of Utah in the 1970s where they […]

Two Untitled Pixar Movies Announced

Disney’s D23 expo is underway, and a few little tidbits of upcoming Pixar releases is making the way through the internet.  We already know of upcoming “Brave” and the Monsters, Inc prequel “Monsters University”, but now there are two new films on the horizon with surpsisingly short timelines: While not much is known yet about […]


Pixar’s RenderMan for Maya 5.0

Pixar’s got some nice news this week for SIGGRAPH, the release of RenderMan for Maya 5.0 coming up this fall.  It’s got lots of the new features from RenderMan Pro Server 16 and a few new ones as well. RenderMan for Maya 5.0 showcases fundamental advancements in RenderMan’s ray tracing technology, including a new ray […]

Trailer for Pixar’s new Brave

While Cars 2 is getting mediocre reviews in theaters, Pixar is showing off their next big production “Brave” with a new trailer. The film is set in the Highlands of Scotland and the trailer opens up with some stunning flybys of the mountains and lochs, before showing us some more moody, ground-level, shots, all accompanied […]


First Casualty of Disney-Pixar is “Planes”

A new trailer from “DisneyToon” studios, not to be confused with Pixar, seems to be a Cars spinoff called “Planes”.  Via a short film, probably accompanying next weekend’s “Cars 2”, the scene is set for this direct-to-DVD release. Apparently Pixar has made a new short linking Cars 2 to Planes, but that seems to be their only […]

Future Pixar Short “La Luna” Revealed

Looks like we get a little sneak peak of Pixar’s newest short “La Luna”, to be premiered at the upcoming Annecy International Animation Festival this June. “La Luna is the timeless fable of a young boy who is coming of age in the most peculiar of circumstances. Tonight is the very first time his Papa […]