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648 MegaPixel Image of the Sky

In what can only be called a true labor of love, Axel Mellinger of Central Michigan University spent 22 months and traveled over 26,000 miles to to take thousands of photos of the night sky.   Merging them all into one massive panoramic view, he has created what is quite possibly the world’s largest and highest […]

The Hardware of Hardcore Kite Photography

If you thought kite photography was the realm of bored college kids with disposable cameras, think again.  The picture above was captured via kite by Scott Dunn, and he describes all of the technique and hardware required to make it work. Scott was photographing the Liberty Island Swim, an open water swim race in New […]

Bullet Impacts at 1-Million FPS

Be sure to start your week off with the sheer beauty of destruction filmed at 1 million frames per second. Slow Motion video of bullet impacts made by Werner Mehl from Kurzzeit. These are by far the best slow motion bullet impacts available anywhere. Watch for the hollow point rounds in the ballistics gel. The […]

New Esquire Cover of Kate Beckinsale with Red Epic 5K

The latest cover of Esquire magazine features Kate Beckinsale in a startling lack of clothes (well, not all that startling actually) shot with the Red Epic 5k camera.  This was done previously with the Red One 3k, so this cements Kate’s position as a full 2K better.  The article has some interesting commentary on how […]

300-foot tall Tree Photography Rig

How do you take a pictures of a 300-foot tall tree?  Got an idea?  Ok, now add enough other trees that you can’t stand far away. Not so easy is it?  Well, Nick Nichols set out to photograph one for National Geographic and created a huge camera rig (shown) suspended from the top of the […]

12 Masters of Visual Storytelling

A picture’s worth a thousand words, right?  Well, in the modern age of digital photos, manipulation, and color correction, how many words do you think you can squeeze out of a picture?  MyModernMet has a great collection of 12 fantastic pictures from some of the most talented photographers in the industry, some of which are […]

3d Scanning with Photographs, Whitepaper

PhotoModeler is a piece of software capable of taking multiple images of an object and then reconstructing it in 3D.  They’ve released a free whitepaper describing the technlology: Do you need to create dense 3D point clouds and detailed surfacemodels of physical objects, and do you want to do it in a cost-effective and efficient […]

MacWorld Cover Creation from Peter Belanger

Peter Belanger has posted a timelapse video of the creation of the recent MacWorld Magazine cover, showing not only the photography and set design but the Photoshop work in cleaning up the photographs and then manipulating them into what they want. After working on the latest cover for Macworld Magazine I wanted to show what […]

Turn Photos into 3d Models thanks to David McKinnon

Starting with a collection of 2D Photographs of an object, David McKinnon's new software tool 3DSee can generate an accurate 3D model in mere minutes thanks to the power of GPGPU computing.

The Art of Tiling in Public Enemies

Robert Stadd, visual effects supervisor on Public Enemies, gives tips and tricks on created large tiled images suitable for use in backgrounds of VFX work.