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3d Scanning with Photographs, Whitepaper

PhotoModeler is a piece of software capable of taking multiple images of an object and then reconstructing it in 3D.  They’ve released a free whitepaper describing the technlology: Do you need to create dense 3D point clouds and detailed surfacemodels of physical objects, and do you want to do it in a cost-effective and efficient […]

MacWorld Cover Creation from Peter Belanger

Peter Belanger has posted a timelapse video of the creation of the recent MacWorld Magazine cover, showing not only the photography and set design but the Photoshop work in cleaning up the photographs and then manipulating them into what they want. After working on the latest cover for Macworld Magazine I wanted to show what […]

Turn Photos into 3d Models thanks to David McKinnon

Starting with a collection of 2D Photographs of an object, David McKinnon's new software tool 3DSee can generate an accurate 3D model in mere minutes thanks to the power of GPGPU computing.

The Art of Tiling in Public Enemies

Robert Stadd, visual effects supervisor on Public Enemies, gives tips and tricks on created large tiled images suitable for use in backgrounds of VFX work.

3D Camera adds depth to your iPhone photography

A new app in the Apple App Store aims to turn the meager iPhone camera into a 3D Camera by allowing you to composite pairs of images into analyphic or sterographic images. To take the photos, you use one of two methods. If you’re planning on taking an anaglyph or sterogram, you take one picture, […]

AutoStitch Panorama stitcher for iPhone now Available

AutoStitch, the technology licensed to ILM for panoramic production for film uses, is now available on the iPhone.  They’re calling it the ‘first automatic stitcher’ for the iPhone, which I doubt in the wake of tools like Mosaica, but it’s still pretty impressive.  Using the same technology used in Autopano and other tools, it’s now on […]

The Quarter-Gigapixel Ant

A fascinating 290 megapixel image has appeared on gigapan, created by stitching 136 separate images from a Scanning Electron Microscope.

Mosaica App creates Panorams on iPhone

A Demonstration video shows the power of the Mosaica iPhone app for creating montages and panorams directly on the phone.

MotionPortrait Animates Human Face in Pictures

Engineers at MotionPortrait have developed a system for automatically analyzing and animating photographic portraits.

ACQUINE: Aesthetic Quality Inference Engine

Penn State has brought “Acquine” online, which stands for the “Aesthetic Quality Inference Engine”.  From an interview in Penn State Live: Wang said the system extracts and uses visual aspects such as color saturation, color distribution and photo composition to give any uploaded image a rating from zero to 100. The system learns to associate […]

HDR Skydome Tutorial by Peter Guthrie

Peter Guthrie uses a Canon 1ds mk3 21megapixel camera to create HDR photograph-based skydomes, and has now created a tutorial to show you exactly how to do it. See his video after the break.

25 Amazing HDR Photos around the world

Pix2Mail has gathered 25 amazing HDR photos and put them all into a single list.  While several of them suffer from some pretty wild wide-angle lens distortion effects, they’re all breathtaking to see. 25 Amazing HDR Photos around the world.