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RCE 41: ParaView Parallel Visualization

The latest RCE Podcast talks to Kitware’s Dr. Berk Geveci, Dr. Kenneth Moreland, and Utkarsh Ayachit about ParaView.  They’ve done some nice visualization podcasts including one on VisIt, one on VTK, and another on IceT.  For folks who use ParaView regularly, you probably won’t get much out of it except attaching some personality and voices […]

VizWorld Interviews Kitware’s Berk Geveci

Last week we were able to interview Berk Geveci, Kitware’s Director of Scientfic Computing, about Kitware’s dedication to open source computing and their popular VTK and ParaView products.  Berk now leads a team of 18-20 people focused on high performance computing scientific visualization and, more recently, informatics and information visualization. Kitware is approximately 12 years […]


Scientific Computing and Visualization Summer Tutorial Series

Boston University is running a free week-long tutorial series on Scientific Visualization and High Performance Scientific Computing that includes introductions to Scientific Visualization and training on tools like ParaView and VTK. In addition to covering concepts, techniques, and tools which researchers may use in their own computing environments, these tutorials are designed to help you […]

Kitware releases ParaView 3.8, For Real this time

After a bit of a false start last week, Kitware has finally published ParaView 3.8 binaries on their website.  Where the original press release we covered said they had “released” it, it was supposed to say they had “branched” it.  This means that the binaries available for download now are not 3.8 official, but rather […]


Kitware unleashes ParaView 3.8

Kitware has just announced that ParaView 3.8 is available to the masses, with an impressive collection of new features mostly garnered directly from their last VisWeek2009 Presentation.  In addition to officially bringing integration with the ‘Manta’ CPU ray-tracer (in source-form only, not in the compiled binaries), they’ve added interesting GPU-acceleration features like this: A couple […]

Kitware Releases ParaView 3.6.2

Kitware has just released a minor point release of ParaView with two very important additions:  a new Python trace, and new statistical algorithms. ParaView’s Python interface was revamped; an exciting new extension to the interface is Python trace. The goal is to generate human readable, not overly verbose, Python scripts that mimic a user’s actions […]

VisWeek 2009: ParaView Tutorial

Tuesday afternoon I attended the second half of the Advanced ParaView Tutorial lead by researchers from  Kitware, Sandia National Labs, and Los Alamos National Labs.  They talked about some of the in-research projects they’re working on and gave demonstrations of things you can see in the latest CVS (if you enable them specifically).  While not […]

SC09 Visualization Tutorials

The guys at SuperComputing have published a list of the tutorials that will be underway on November 15th and 16th, and there’s a few Visualization tutorials you may want to check out if you’re in the Portland, OR area. Nov15 8:30am – noon : (S09) VisIt – Visualization & Analysis for Very Large Data Sets […]

Kitware now offering Professional Support for ParaView

Kitware, renowned creators of scientific visualization tools such as VTK, ITK, and ParaView, have just announced a new “Professional Support” package called “ParaViewPro” available for customers. The yearly subscriptions cover build and installation issues on the supported computational clusters, prioritized bug fixes, and usage questions for all supported end users. The ParaViewPro support subscriptions are […]

ParaView 3.6 Released

Kitware has just announced that ParaView 3.6 is now available for all to download and try out.  Big new features in this version: Major Overhaul of the Python API, making for easier procedural scripts Experimental new support for CGNS, Silo, and TecPlot from VisIt plugins (only available in Linux Binaries) Support for Tabular data like […]