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Power VR view

Imagination announces PowerVR imaging framework for Android

Enabling OEMs to use GPU compute to differentiate their camera applications Imagination Technologies announces a new PowerVR imaging framework for Android: a set of software components that allow OEMs to integrate the latest computational photography and computer vision features into their camera applications, leveraging the inherent low-power parallelism of the PowerVR Rogue GPU. Advanced vision […]
Comparison of video compression 
CREDIT: Vanguard Video

Demonstrating a more efficient, cost effective 4K H.265/HEVC video encoder using OpenCL

Vanguard Video to Demonstrate a 4K OpenCL Graphics Accelerated Encoder Using the Intel® Core™ i7 Quad-Core Processor with Iris™ Pro Graphics at IBC 2014 As bandwidth and compression will be the major battlefields for online 4K/UHD experience, everyone from Google to Samsung is getting into the fray. Major contenders and those less known are forming […]


Nvidia preaches the GPU compute gospel at NAB

At NAB recently, NVidia has their usual presence showing off their Quadro products and various software technologies.  Many people may not have noticed, however, that NVidia was actually present in over 40 booths, covering everything from encoding technologies to color grading systems to rendering tools.  Many people thought that CUDA would fade away as the […]

Fabric Engine team talks multi-threaded web apps w/ OpenCL

I don’t think I’ve ever discussed “Fabric Engine” here before, but it’s an interesting technology that hopes to bring heterogeneous computing (GPU and CPU) to the web via JavaScript.  Utilizing lots of OpenCL and web development technologies, the group behind it will be demonstrating it at the upcomign AMD Fusion Developer Summit. The Fabric Engine […]


AMD FirePro certified for Abacus finite element analysis

AMD is pushing into the GPU-compute space hard with systems like Fusion, and has now managed to get their FirePro discrete card certified for OpenCL acceleration of the Abaqus Finite Element solver. “Many of the tasks that used to take a full day to complete can now be done in about half that time with […]

AMD Unleashes New GPGPU Computing Tools, 3 New Fusion Chips

In the ongoing battle between OpenCL & CUDA, AMD has launched the next volley with their latest AMD Accelerated Parallel PRocessing SDK v2.5. In related news, AMD earlier this month announced [press release] the availability of its AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing (APP) Software Development Kit (SDK) v2.5.  This OpenCL-driven SDK offers programmers tools to add general-purpose GPU […]


Samsung’s WebCL Prototype for WebKit

Surely you’ve heard of WebGL by now, the Khronos-developed bindings to OpenGL for Javascript.  What you may not have heard of is a new API from Khronos called WebCL, the same thing but for OpenCL.  Mac Users can check out a simple prototype of the WebCL bindings for WebKit (safari) via a library at Google […]

AMD Announces New GPGPU Programming Tools

AMD isn’t taking the success of their Fusion APU’s for granted, and is more openly embracing the GPGPU and OpenCL ecosystem with a collection of tools aimed at making OpenCL just as easy as CUDA. One of the new tools, gDEBugger, is an “advanced OpenCL and OpenGL debugger, profiler, and memory analyzer.” AMD acquired the […]


More Offerings Optimized for OpenCL™ Standard

AMD has a new press release out touting more OpenCL offerings, but includes a nice list of OpenCL applications.  It’s not as extensive as NVidia’s CUDA lists, but has some big names like ArcSoft, Corel, Sony Vegas Pro, and Rovi. “Today’s creative professional needs a complete solution that delivers clear, crisp and stutter-free visuals that […]
Bitcoin art

BitCoin: An Experiment in GPGPU

So, for the last week or so the internet has been abuzz with stories about “BitCoin”, the new all-digital currency that’s going to destabilize governments around the world and bring us to a new utopian society.  Well, yeah it’s a lot of hype.  But when I heard about the “mining” aspect of it, and how […]

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Keeneland Workshop on CUDA & GPU Development

The Georgia Tech NVIDIA CUDA Center of Excellence is preparing a nice 2-day long tutorial on GPU programming and heterogeneous computing, including both CUDA and OpenCL.  The event will only cost you a $100 registration fee and the cost of your room and time, making it one of the best ways to get into GPU […]

AMD Renames Stream to APP, and Offers a University Kit

Realizing the success of Nvidia’s CUDA university initiatives, AMD recently announced a new OpenCL University Kit, a collection of materials that can be used in any university environment to teach OpenCL programming. “Teaching students to effectively leverage the OpenCL standard involves all the intricacies of parallel programming plus support for a new class of heterogeneous […]