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Mozilla’s new User-Tracking Collusion Demo

At TED, Mozilla CEO Gary Kovacs demonstrated their newest web tool called “Collusion”, a firefox extension that watches and finds all those little web bugs and cookies that track you across the internet.  But even more interesting is their interactive demo on their site (linked below) that visually shows the many networks working together to […]

Mozilla Open Data Visualization Competition

The Mozilla Metrics Team has just announced the “Mozilla Open Data Visualization Competition”.  If you’ve used FireFox4 then you’ve no doubt seen the popups about the “Test Pilot” program.  On November 17th they’ll be releasing this data to the public, allowing you to visualize it as you please. This competition is based on Mozilla’s own […]


Video, Freedom, h264 And Mozilla

Both YouTube and Vimeo announced last week that they would begin to support (on a limited basis) the new HTML5 ‘Video’ tag that allows video playback without relying on Flash.  The technology is impressive, but users quickly noticed that it didn’t work with FireFox.  Odd, since FireFox is 3.5 compliant, but it seemed to only […]

Worldwide Real-Time Firefox Downloads

Today is launch day for FireFox 3.5, and Mozilla servers are already feeling the strain.  You can see just how popular it is with their newly deployed Real-Time Download watcher.  They combine a simple spreadsheet view with linegraphs showing downloads over time, with a geographical map that shows the various downloads geolocated across the globe.  […]