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The Extreme iPad Challenge 2013 for Game Developers

by Dean Meyerson October 14, 2013
The Challenge: Unchain Your Game from Hardware The Extreme iPad Challenge 2013 is a contest run by Extreme Reality for game developers to promote motion controlled games for iPad devices. The contest is open to game developers that wish to “motionize” their existing or new iPad games. The challenge is open until November 15, 2013 […]
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Vicon to showcase new Motion Capture products at SIGGRAPH2012

by Randall Handon August 2, 2012
New press release from Vicon today, announcing three new products they’ll be demonstrating on the floor of SIGGRAPH next week.. First off is their new Blade2 software (shown to the right) that offers real-time motion capture with a new engine called “Axiom” that can handle multiple characters in realtime.  Also, they’ll be demonstration two new […]


OptiTrack’s new large-volume Motion Tracking Cameras

by Randall Handon August 1, 2012
Next week at SIGGRAPH, OptiTrack will be on-site demonstrating their usual motion tracking cameras.  But this year, they’ll be announcing a new series of cameras specifically designed for large-volume full-scale productions.  The press release doesn’t include many details (but instead choosed to name-drop a few dozen companies and films that used their equipment), and I […]

OptiTrack’s new V120:Trio Tracking Bars

by Randall Handon February 22, 2011
OptiTrack will be demonstrating a pair of new motion capture systems at GDC2011 this year, both offering full 120hz tracking with 6 degrees of freedom, all for under $2000. Designed for desktop-friendly motion capture, the Duo and Trio offer the power of multi-camera, six degrees of freedom (DOF) object tracking in a single, plug-and-play package. […]


Candace Bailey’s Motion Capture Magic at ILM

by Randall Handon January 7, 2011
If you’re not terribly familiar with how some of the big fight scenes in movies like Iron Man 2 are made, then check out this video from G4TV where Candace Bailey visits the Skywalker Ranch and suits up in the full mocap suit and they break out a virtual camera and take it for a […]

iPi Desktop Motion Capture review

by Randall Handon January 5, 2011
3dWorld has a review of the iPi markerless Motion Capture system that uses low-resolution video cameras (like Webcams or the Sony PlayStation Eye) to capture motion.  They target 640×480 60fps video, primarily because higher-resolutions would require additional processing (putting it beyond realtime right now), but only sell the Software (requiring you to purchase your own […]


TRON comes to life with VICON House of Moves

by Randall Handon December 20, 2010
If you’ve seen the new TRON: Legacy film then you saw the impressive scenes of the lightcycle races, and the fantastic crashes that resulted from them.  That work was done by VICON House of Moves at their 26,000 square foot studio over two weeks of rehearsal and motion capture work. The “TRON: Legacy” production crew […]

OptiTrack Insight VCS Now Shipping

by Randall Handon December 9, 2010
The OptiTrack Insight VCS Motion Captures System, demonstrated at SIGGRAPH, is now shipping to customers. For a price as low as $199, their hardware and software solution introduces inexpensive high-quality motion tracking with plugins for Maya, MotionBuilder, and other popular packages. “Not only does the Insight VCS allow us to service the needs of VFX […]

Maskarad: markerless facial capture software

by Randall Handon July 10, 2010
Di-o-matic is showing off an upcoming product called ‘Maskarad’ that enable facial capture without markers or dedicated scanning equipment, just working on any regular video. Maskarad uses state-of-the-art technology to automatically locates and tracks head motion as well as facial expressions and precise lips movements. No messy or cumbersome face markers setup, no expensive dedicated […]

Will Avatar put actors out of work?

by Randall Handon December 29, 2009
Avatar has already broken even, proving that audiences apparently like James Cameron’s motion captured “giant smurfs”, as many pundits called the Na’vi after pre-screenings, and that motion-capture is a viable alternative to pure CG artistry.  This has a few industry people wondering if perhaps this is the first step towards replacing traditional actors alltogether? With […]