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Wacom releases CINTIQ 27 QHD pressure-sensitive monitor at CES 2015

Wacom releases CINTIQ 27 QHD pressure sensitive monitor at CES 2015

Wacom, producer of pressure-sensitive tablets, monitors and computers for creative professionals and consumers, has released the latest (and largest) in their line of CINTIQ monitors: the CINTIQ 27 QHD. I spent time with Don Varga, Marketing Director for Creative Products for the Americas for Wacom, going over the specifications and uses for the monitor, which […]
Cintiq 22HD Touch Monitor

The Wacom CINTIQ 22HD Touch Display is a reliable workhorse (REVIEW)

Wacom’s Cintiq 22HD Touch Display deserves a review, even though it’s been in release for a while, for two important reason: 1) it’s a reliable workhorse for anyone who creates or edits graphics, images, visual design, motion graphics or video on a regular basis; 2) The touch component adds great versatility and can speed up […]

twomonUSB product shot

iPad can function as second monitor with TwomonUSB app

DEVGURU (, a software development company, released ‘TwomonUSB,’ an application that converts iPad into a dual monitor by directly connecting iPad and computer with USB. In their press release, DEVGURU states: “TwomonUSB is the first in the world to use USB connection to change iPad into a secondary monitor providing fast and stable screen while playing […]

LG DM 92 Borderless 3D Monitor

Next month at CES, LG will be demonstrating some new monitors.  One that really caught my eye is a new offering called the “DM92” which offers mere 1mm bezels on the top and sides, making it an ideal candidate for multi-screen setups like NVidia’s 3-monitor 3D Vision gaming setup. The DM92 series showcases a premium design […]


Eizo’s New 36-inch 4Kx2K Display

Do you have $36,000 laying around?  Do you not mind paying $1000 per inch for screen real-estate?  Do you need a computer monitor that offers such extreme resolution that you can see Duke’s individual hair follicles?  Then Eiko has just the display for you coming out this September, a massive 4Kx2K monitor.  Equivalent to 4 […]

Do multiple monitors boost productivity?

How many monitors do you need to boost productivity? That is the topic of an editorial by Clay Johnson over at He argues that it is the number of pixels that matters, not the number of monitors. My take: there’s an optimal number of pixels you need to complete the tasks you need to […]

ASUS 23-inch VG236H 3D monitor – $500 with 3d Vision Included

If you’re looking to snag a nice 3D Display, then definitely add the new ASUS VG236H to the list, which brings a nice 23-inch 3D LCD experience for a penny under $500, NVidia 3d Vision Kit included.  But that’s not all: YPbPr and HDMI , as well as dual-link DVI ASUS Splendid Video Intelligence Technology […]

Alioscopy demos 3D Monitors at SIGGRAPH

Here’s something I’m definitely going to check out at SIGGRAPH: Alioscopy’s “No-Glasses” 3D Displays in the Autodesk Booth. At SIGGRAPH this year, in the Autodesk booth (Booth #  2201), Alioscopy USA will be answering both calls to build a community of artists to deliver new 3D autostereoscopic content and autostereoscopic “no-glasses” technology.  As this market […]