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2016 consumer marketing trends

Top Consumer Marketing Trends (pssst: they’re mobile) (INFOGRAPHIC)

What’s the story on marketing trends that has the most response by consumers? HINT: MOBILE FIRST is where it’s going. And, not just mobile, but mobile that (smartly) is focused on a visual experience; note the Google 3-pack, which is easier to navigate on mobile devices and gives better definition and clarity to images on […]
drone equipped with camera

More video! More mobile! More drones! Mary Meeker’s 2015 Internet Trends

2015 Internet Trends Report from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers has presented her annual Internet Trends Report, a 157-slide story about where things stand in all-the-Internet… well, perhaps not all of the Internet, as there findings about the use of Internet services and tools by government at […]

Hyperspaces promo

Hyperspaces Augmented Reality platform launches with powerful 3D object recognition

Inglobe Technologies announced today the release of the new Hyperspaces platform. Hyperspaces is Inglobe’s new platform that allows users to create, publish and access first of a kind Augmented and Mixed Reality Experiences by means of a unique cloud-based and mobile toolset. The toolset integrates a variety of recognition and tracking methods including image-based tracking, […]
Using gestures to take selfies on mobile devices using Elliptical Labs ultrasound technology

Taking selfies with a swipe highlights ultrasonic gesture technology

Elliptic Labs has just announced an update in its latest technology — ‘Ultra-fast Ultra-far Interaction’; split-second speed and a remarkably large field of response for touchless gesturing. These breakthroughs enable OEMs to make mobile phones and other products deliver the fastest, most natural and easiest interface currently available. Visitors to the Elliptic Labs booth (Hall […]

Wireless Bandwidth demand around the world

More Good Video Choices Coming Out on More Devices

“The United States Police Force, like an army, is encamped around the island. There are no guards inside the prison, only prisoners and the worlds they have made. The rules are simple: once you go in, you don’t come out.” – Narrator,“Escape from New York,” AVCO Embassy Pictures, 1981 I didn’t really think I’d ever […]

‘State of Mobile App Security’ Reveals an Increase in App Hacks for Top 100 Mobile Apps (INFOGRAPHIC)

Arxan Technologies,has just released its third annual State of Mobile App Security report, which reveals that 97% of the top 100 paid Android apps and 87% of the top 100 paid Apple iOS apps have been hacked. In addition to an increase in app hacks found for commonly downloaded Popular Free apps, this year’s research […]


Surprising Shift to Mobile Shopping Will Improve Holiday Sales

“Cash is the fossil fuel that keeps our economic pistons pumping.” – Walter, “Home for the Holidays,” Paramount, 1995   Well, my daughter is busy lathering her fingers with ranch hand cream (she found it online and swears by it) to get ready for the holiday shopping season, has charged her “old” iPhone (thrown out […]
PHOTO CREDIT: Susan Sermoneta

Fashion on phones report: How well does the fashion industry get mobile?

“This research shows that a great number of fashion houses aren’t as mobile-savvy as they need to be in today’s digital world” With New York Fashion Week underway, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and its Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence are unveiling “Fashion on Phones,” an in-depth study that looks at the mobile readiness of the Women’s Wear […]

Intel's new Core M Processor

Intel launches new Core M processor with faster graphics and longer battery life

At IFA, a global trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances, Intel launched the new Intel® Core™ M processor, which will power new 2 in 1 devices from a variety of manufacturers including: Acer*, ASUS*, Dell*, HP*, Lenovo* and Toshiba*. Delivering the optimal blend of mobility and performance, Intel’s new processor was purpose-built for […]
IDT's world's smallest charger for wearables

IDT Announces World’s Smallest 2-Watt Wireless Power Receiver for Wearable Devices

Integrated Device Technology, Inc. (IDT®) has just announced the world’s smallest 2-watt wireless power receiver and battery charger, delivering leading technology in a compact package ideal for small form factors, including wearable applications. TheIDTP9026 offers a high level of integration and lower external component count than competitive products, enabling designers to minimize board area and bill […]

People Economy Global study infographic by Paypal

Where are people wasting time? (INFOGRAPHIC)

TIME, MONEY AND TECH: PAYPAL STUDY REVEALS GLOBAL ATTITUDES As part of its recent global rebrand, PayPal announced findings from a 15-country survey aimed to understand both universal human attitudes and country-specific variances in perspectives about time, technology, money and other central elements of the People Economy. The People Economy is how PayPal describes its […]

Create interactive magazine-style BI reports with Roambi’s new Flow

Roambi, creator of Roambi Analytics, has released a new, cloud-based product designed to put visualizations of business information in the hands of mobile and tablet users: Roambi Flow. More than a collection of interactive data displays, Flow begins with a series of magazine or report style templates which allow the user to create documents that […]