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3-D Interactive Map of Olympic Venues

by Paul Adamson February 11, 2010
The New York TImes has created an interactive 3-D map of the Olympic venues that will be occurring soon in Vancouver, Canada. Like any 3-D application, you can rotate, pan, and zoom into the map. Clicking on one of the four sites will cause you to load up a more detailed map of the venue. […]


Interactive Map of Barcelona Natural Science Museum Biodiversity Data

by Randall Handon February 1, 2010
The Natural Science Museum of Barcelona hosts a database of over 150 years worth of biological records from around the world, and now presents the data via an interactive map on their website. The database consists of about 50.000 different records of mollusc, vertebrata and artropodes. All the information is structured following the Darwin Core […]

Matthew Bloch’s portfolio of web maps and graphics

by Randall Handon January 26, 2010
Matthew Bloch, a graphics editor for the New York Times, has a great website where he has cataloged several of the interactive maps that have appeared in print and on the site over the years.  Some we have covered before but there are dozens I’ve not seen. Also, he has a fun area called “Accidental […]


Try your hand at Climate Prediction with Climate Wizard

by Randall Handon January 6, 2010
The Nature Conservancy, the University of Washington, and the University of Southern Mississippi have collaborated to create an online interactive “Climate Wizard”.  You can review the last 50 years of data, or look at predictions out to 2050 and 2080 using one of about 30 different circulation models and emission scenarios. With ClimateWizard you can: […]

Visualizing the Debate Over Marijuana Dispensaries

by Randall Handon December 12, 2009
Los Angeles is currently debating the location of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries, attempting to strike a balance between access and control, and one requirement up for debate is that they should be 1000 feet away from residential uses.  But what does that look like?  BlogDownTown whipped up a quick map to find out. The maps above […]

eBay Visualizes Black Friday 2009

by Randall Handon November 28, 2009
Black Friday is over (thank goodness) and now it’s time for the next part of this popular financial holiday: Analyzing the data.  Ebay gets credit for being first with their new website featuring a map of all transactions performed through the eBay Marketplace on Black Friday. This transaction map was created as a study of […]

Lockheed Martin’s Intelligence on Demand

by Randall Handon October 30, 2009
Lockheed Martin has just announced a new service aimed at delivering sophisticated mapping and imagery tools to U.S. Government agencies.  Collaborating with Pictometry International, Corp. they’ve developed a web-portal called “Intelligence on Demand”  that offers a pay-as-you-go web-access to over 100 million high-resolution images. Dozens of U.S. government agencies rely on sophisticated mapping and imagery […]

The Color of our Environment, Flickr as a paintbrush

by Randall Handon October 28, 2009
Andy Woodruff has developed an interesting algorithm that processes images on Flickr for a specific geographical area and builds a colormap, similar to a heatmap, of the various colors found in that area. This being a blog about maps, I of course mean Harvard not as a school but as a geographic entity. What color […]

30 Superb Examples of Infographic Maps

by Randall Handon October 20, 2009
WebDesigner Depot has compiled a list of 30 great infographic maps covering everything from interactive sites to posters, beer to Starbucks. Map illustrations are a dime a dozen however, a strong and balanced display of graphics, information, and colors is what makes an infographic stand out and reach its target audience effectively. As designers, we’re […]