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Quo Vadis, Many Eyes?

 Robert Kosara takes a close look at the “Many Eyes” project, trying to figure out if it’s still going strong or dying on the vine.  Since the leaders of the project left a few years ago, I have to admit I haven’t thought about it much nor have I heard much news.  His critical analysis […]

Every Doctor Who villain since 1963 – Visualized

A great find by the Guardian, xxnapoleonsolo on Many Eyes has created an interactive chart of all Doctor Who Villians in the entire history of the long-running show. Here’s a list of all the Doctor Who villains there have ever been since the very first episode in 1963. Whether it’s to help you put your […]

Visualizing the Technological Imbalance via the Top500

Over at InsideHPC, John West has taken the data from the most recent Top500 list and pushed it through IBM’s ManyEyes and create a collection of visualizations that show how the US has an overwhelming majority in the Supercomputing industry. The data were gathered as follows: the Top500 website itself provides a list of Rpeak […]

ManyEyes Visualization of Layoffs in the United States

Someone just pointed me to a great visualization over at ManyEyes of layoff figures in the United States.  The visualization is from March so the data is about 6 months out of date but still useful. Many Eyes: Layoffs in the United States and more (3/6, updated).