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AMD’s Top 11 Reasons for DirectX 11

AMD has updated their website with a list of 11 reasons why you should run out and buy a DirectX11 card today.  The list has some of the obviously marketing hype, but also a nice basic list of some of the new features in DX11.  The cliff notes version: Shader Model 5.0 Faster Frame Rates […]

Top 10 Augmented Reality Concept Games

Augmented Planet has compiled a 2-part list (part1, part 2) of Augmented Reality concept games.  None of the games on the list are publicly available yet, but it’s a great selection. Many of the games on the list we’ve covered before like Ahrrr.  So go check it out, and then make sure to browse the […]

Visualizing Environmental Factors

Alark Joshi has updated his website with a great collection of visualizations showing environmental factors. In this post, I focus on the use of visualization in conveying information regarding the environment, pollution, population effects on the planet and similar issues. The visualizations are particularly powerful and make us realize how much of an impact we […]

37 People You Should Follow for Infographics on Twitter

I’m gonna take the easy way out of Twitter’s #followfriday by referring to a great list compiled by Randy Krum on his Cool Infographics site, where he has collected a list of 37 people (36 if you don’t count VizWorld, you’re already following us right?) that talk about infographics on twitter. Instead of featuring an […]

Who’s Who in the After Effects World

Over at aetuts+, Topher Welsh has compiled a great list of famous names in the AfterEffects community with the likes of Creative Cow, Video Copilot, and more. We learn from a lot of people on the internet, but a lot of us don’t really know WHO they actually are. I have been fortunate enough to […]

12 Masters of Visual Storytelling

A picture’s worth a thousand words, right?  Well, in the modern age of digital photos, manipulation, and color correction, how many words do you think you can squeeze out of a picture?  MyModernMet has a great collection of 12 fantastic pictures from some of the most talented photographers in the industry, some of which are […]

Indiana InfoVis CyberInfrastructure Software List

Indiana University has posted a huge list of InfoVis software, libraries, and algorithms that are all freely available. This page provides pointers to commonly used data analysis and visualization algorithms. An ‘IVC Software Framework’ was implemented to facilitate the easy integration of diverse software packages and their menu driven usage. Many software packages are available […]

25 Data Visualization and Infographics Resources

Smashing Magazine has a great compiled list of 25 data visualization and infographic resources. But visualizations and infographics can be used poorly, too. Putting in too much information (or not enough), using improper formats for the information provided, and other failures are common. Below are more than 25 useful resources for infographics and data visualization. […]

The top 250 best movies of all time Map

The Vodkaster blog has created a fun map in the “Metro Style” made popular by the Web Trends map that shows the best 250 movies, as listed by IMDB by users, sorted by the style of movie. The top 250 best movies of all time Map | Vodkaster – Le Blog de la cinéphilie 2.0. […]

20 Awesome CG Vehicles

Another list, this time compiled by Denis Designs, of 20 awesome CG vehicle renderings. We are going to look at some vehicles from some very talented CG artists. I love cars, and to see all the details and everything in these is just awesome. We tried to get a nice variety, everything from old and […]

50 + stunning creations of 3d robots

Robots are always a popular modeling choice among artists, for the infinite possibilities they allow.  Over at DesignrFix they’ve gathered 50 great examples of 3D Robot models into a fun list. The latest major motion pictures are utilizing 3D graphics more and more these days. With movie like Transformers, Terminator Salvation and Wall-E getting all […]

26 Really Amazing Realistic 3D Computer Graphics

Another list today, this time of 26 amazing realistic 3d computer graphics. Today i have collected 26 amazing realistic 3d computer graphics. This list includes breathtaking realistic CG portraits, amazing CG compositions and realistic CG characters. I hope you will like and enjoy these and do share which one you like. Some of these are […]