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50 + stunning creations of 3d robots

Robots are always a popular modeling choice among artists, for the infinite possibilities they allow.  Over at DesignrFix they’ve gathered 50 great examples of 3D Robot models into a fun list. The latest major motion pictures are utilizing 3D graphics more and more these days. With movie like Transformers, Terminator Salvation and Wall-E getting all […]

26 Really Amazing Realistic 3D Computer Graphics

Another list today, this time of 26 amazing realistic 3d computer graphics. Today i have collected 26 amazing realistic 3d computer graphics. This list includes breathtaking realistic CG portraits, amazing CG compositions and realistic CG characters. I hope you will like and enjoy these and do share which one you like. Some of these are […]

15 Stunning Examples of Data Visualization

Another day, another list of “X great examples of Data visualization”, this time from WebDesignLedger gathering examples as Art.  Some of the visualizations are of questionable effectiveness (such as the 3D Stock Prices trend, that one might be pretty but it’s also pretty useless I suspect) and they trend heavily towards radial graphs, but there’s […]

Doom to Dunia: A Visual History of 3D Game Engines

Game Engines are not a new development, I remember playing with ZZT back in grade-school.  However, 3D Game engines with modern graphics support have been growing fast in the last 10 years, and Maximum PC takes us on a wild ride through the various engines of yesterday. Prior to Doom’s release, programmers found themselves in […]

The Ultimate 3D Movie Preview and Release Date Schedule

As if you really needed any more proof that 2009 is the year of 3D-Film’s comeback, SlashFilm has compiled a massive list, with release dates, of every known 3D film coming out in 2009 and 2010.  The list encompasses upcoming films, like G-Force and Harry Potter (24 minutes of 3D in IMAX, I didn’t know […]

20 Visualizations to Understand Crime

FlowingData has compiled a great list of 20 visualizations of various crime statistics.  Most of it is targeted to specific areas (a neighborhood, a city, etc) but some is more diverse like the “Flash Face” sketch artist tool. There’s a lot of crime data. For almost every reported crime, there’s a paper or digital record […]

Naty Hoffman’s SIGGRAPH2009 Picks

Naty Hoffman, one of the brains behind Real-Time Rendering, has posted a list of interesting talks at this year’s SIGGRAPH2009.  From an expert is real-time rendering engines and technologies, it’s a pretty comprehensive list. Talks (formerly known as sketches) are one of my favorite parts of SIGGRAPH. They always have a lot of interesting techniques […]

A List of Visual Effects Companies on Twitter

Twitter is quickly becoming, if it hasn’t already, a prime method of communicating to the masses.  Supplementing, and sometimes replacing, more common methods such as Blogs.  If you’re new to twitter, then here’s a list of some Visual Effects companies running on twitter for you to start with.  If you’re a veteran twitter user, then […]

10 Defining Moments in CG History

While not the 10 most important moments, 3dworld has compiled a list of 10 very important moments in CG History, beginning with FutureWorld (1978, shown right) through Chicken Little (2005). In the early days of the 1970s, just a few seconds of computer generated 2D animation was expensive to produce and considered a huge innovation. […]

50 Breathtaking CG Images

If you’re working in the field of Digital Artistry and need inspiration, or just love adoring fantastic examples of CG images, then CGtuts has the article for you. After hours of tirelessly scouring the web, I have done it! Below is a compilation of 50 of the most stunning pieces of CG artwork in the […]

15 Effective Tools for Visual Knowledge Management

As computers become more powerful, new tools are opening up fascinating new ways of displaying and organizing our data for us.

7 Virtual Reality Technologies That Actually Work

io9 has a list of 7 virtual reality technologies that actually work and are in use today, following up on their previous list of 7 VR failures.