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FlowingData’s 5 Best Data Visualization Projects of 2009

Nathan at FlowingData has proclaimed his “Five Best Data Visualization Projects” of 2009, and added in two honorable mentions.  He picked some good ones like Ben Fry’s Origin of Species visualization, but I disagree with his omission of such greats as the Xkcd Movie Narrative chart, the Billion Dollar Gram, and the Influence of Micheal […]

65 Mold-Breaking 3ds Max Tutorials

CGtuts+ has compiled a list of 65 great Autodesk 3dsMax tutorials covering everything from simple modeling to detailed use of tools like VRay and RealFlow. 65 Mold-Breaking 3ds Max Tutorials – Cgtuts+.

Christmas Gifts to Adobe Illustrator Users

Merry Christmas Adobe Illustrator users, as noupe has compiled a massive list of goodies just for you. In this article, there are over 200 (mostly) free resources for Adobe Illustrator. Since many designers have made these resources free for others, please take the time to check out the license agreements before using any resources for […]

75+ Tools for Visualizing your Data with CSS, Flash, jQuery, PHP

A new article on Tripwire Magazine compiles a list of 75 tools for visualizing your data on the web, and breaks it down into Javascript solutions, CSS solutions, Server-side solutions, Flash-based solutions, and other online tools and services you can investigate. Images says more than a thousands words. It is common sense and wise people […]

Infosthetic’s Holiday Shopping Guide for the Data-Addict

Infosthetics has posted a good Christmas idea list for shopping for the data-loving geek in your life.  Covering books, gadgets, software, and more, it’s got entries for every price range. Holiday Shopping Guide for the Data-Addict – information aesthetics.

17 Breathtaking Visual Effects Show Reels

Noupe has compiled a great list of 17 visual effects showreels guaranteed to inspire and thrill with some of the most implausible and impressive effects you’ve seen. In this post, we’ve compiled a list of 17 unbelievable and implausible visual effects “show reels” from a variety of artists and professionals, demonstrating the virtually unlimited possibilities […]

TechRadar’s Top 10 best graphics cards in the world today

TechRadar has compiled the “10 Fastest Graphics Cards in the World Today” on their site. Today, AMD’s Radeon cards are market leading. And even though the prices aren’t quite as attractive as last time around, the ATI Radeon HD 5970 currently holds the title of fastest graphics card in the world. What's more, ATI has […]

10 Open Source Projects Changing Medicine

With health care reform being all the rage, Open Source projects are becoming popular topics as alternatives to the incredibly expensive and complex software suites in use today.  Smarter Technology has a great list of 10 open-source projects targeted at health and medicine, including a few great data visualization tools. Assuming debate moves beyond “You’re […]

7 Visualization Groups On Flickr to Find Inspiration

Flickr, the popular Yahoo-owned photography sharing site, also plays host to many infographic and artistic products.  FlowingData’s Nathan has compiled a list of 7 groups for infographic artists to check out: I’ve always thought of Flickr as a place where I can share my photos with friends and family; however, I’m starting to see there’s […]

14 Must-Have 3ds Max Plugins

CGDigest has compiled a great list of 14 plugins for 3dsMax that add a wide range of functionality.  Some of them you’ve definately heard of like Rayfire, Vray scatter, and RealFlow, but some you may not have. 3d max plugins.

30 Superb Examples of Infographic Maps

WebDesigner Depot has compiled a list of 30 great infographic maps covering everything from interactive sites to posters, beer to Starbucks. Map illustrations are a dime a dozen however, a strong and balanced display of graphics, information, and colors is what makes an infographic stand out and reach its target audience effectively. As designers, we’re […]

Data360 – Open Visualizations

Got a presentation coming up and need some data for a graph?  Well, Data360 aims to please with their open data collection. Data360 is an open-source, non-profit and free website. The site hosts a common and shared database, from which any organization which is committed to neutrality and non-partisanship (meaning “let the data speak”), can […]