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Top 2009 Independent Short Movies from ItsArtMag

ItsArtMag has published a short list of independent short movies featured on their site over 2009.   It contains 15 videos, some of which we’ve covered before like Pidgeon Impossible & World Builder, but there are several new items in the list.  Go check it out. Top 2009 Independent Short Movies.

Infographic Resumes, A Visual Trend

Wondering how to create a resume for an infographics or graphic design position that stands out from the pack?  Well, how about turning your entire resume into a giant infographic? CoolInfographics has compiled an impressive collection of 18 resumes that showcase the subject’s prowess with information representation, and give great backgrounds on the author. A […]


Popular Mechanics’ Top 10 VFX Scenes of 2009

Popular Mechanics has published a list of their Top 10 VFX scenes in cinema of 2009, with the list beginning with the massive antimatter bomb explosion from “Angels & Demons” and going through 2012, Transformers, Terminator Salvation, and winding up with (what else) Avatar and District 9. In the year of the great recession, Hollywood […]

The 25 Best CG Tutorials from 2009

CreativeFan has followed up their great “20 best Photoshop Tutorials” with a great roundup of their 25 best CG tutorials for 2009. Yesterday we rounded up the 20 best Photoshop tutorials from 2009, so today we’ve searched the internet for the 25 best computer-graphics tutorials from 2009. Including tutorials in zBrush, Maya, 3DSMax, and Photoshop, […]


NeochaEDGE’s Top 5 Chinese indie animations of 2009

Computers in China are a rapidly growing industry, in particular due to the recent involvement of the chinese government into “modernizing” the populace.  While the regime in control might be oppressive, artists and animators aren’t letting that get in their way, as evidenced by the five great indie animations selected by NeochaEdge. Below are 5 […]

SixRevision’s 50 Best Photoshop Tutorials of 2009

Six Revisions has gathered up their 50 best Photoshop Tutorials of 2009 into one simple list covering a wide variety of features. Looking back this year (2009), we have had some incredible tutorials that have taught hundreds and thousands of people new skills in Adobe Photoshop. We’ve been searching the web from America to Germany […]

Winterbrose’s Free Textures for Christmas

Winterbrose is offering a new texture pack every day from now through the 5th of January for free, although getting it takes a bit of work. Visit everyday from 25-Dec-2009 through 5-Jan-2010 to receive a brand new set of 100+ textures that have never before been released to the public. You must search the […]

BibliOdyssey’s Victorian-era Infographics

BibliOdyssey has compiled a huge list of classic Victorian-era infographics including insect collections, astronomical charts, time differences, and (shown right) this impressive chart of Human History. This is a fold-out print depicting all of human history from the time of creation (4693 BC = Adam & Eve; the great flood = 3300 BC) up to […]

FlowingData’s 5 Best Data Visualization Projects of 2009

Nathan at FlowingData has proclaimed his “Five Best Data Visualization Projects” of 2009, and added in two honorable mentions.  He picked some good ones like Ben Fry’s Origin of Species visualization, but I disagree with his omission of such greats as the Xkcd Movie Narrative chart, the Billion Dollar Gram, and the Influence of Micheal […]

65 Mold-Breaking 3ds Max Tutorials

CGtuts+ has compiled a list of 65 great Autodesk 3dsMax tutorials covering everything from simple modeling to detailed use of tools like VRay and RealFlow. 65 Mold-Breaking 3ds Max Tutorials – Cgtuts+.