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Lightworks for Mac OS X beta has been released

RedShark News – Lightworks for Apple OS X is here: public beta is available now!

This is the big one. Lightworks for the Mac. Available for everyone to try today There’s a new, industrial-strength editing system for the Mac. It’s t Dean Meyers‘s insight: Exciting news for #transmedia producers, videographers, and other visual creators:   Lightworks, a high-end NLE, is now available in open beta for the Mac OS X. […]

Lightworks Artisan Released for Mac

Lightworks has just announced their nice Artisan product is now available for the Mac Platform, bring it to a whole new realm of users and applications. Dave Forrester, Managing Director at Lightworks commented; “We realized that there are many companies operating on the Mac platform who would like to take advantage of our Lightworks Artisan […]


Lightworks Artisan comes to ASCON’s KOMPAS-3D

Another big win for Lightworks, their Artisan rendering product will now power the Russian KOMPAS-3D modeling software.  Currently in use by over 40,000 customers worldwide, this makes Lightworks’s first big win in Russia once it goes live in September. Oleg Zykov, Innovation Project Manager at ASCON, added: “More and more our customers are demanding a […]

Lightworks participates in first Canadian Siggraph Exhibition

Next week at SIGGRAPH, Lightworks will be on hand showing off the latest version of Artisan and talking about their new partnership with Imagination Technologies for use of Brazil for Developers. Lightworks will be focusing on their Lightworks Artisan product at Siggraph, the company’s next generation product which is built on the culmination of over […]


Lightworks demonstrates latest multi-core technology at COFES

At the upcoming Congress on the Future of Engineering Software (COFES), LightWorks will be on-hand demonstrating the capabilities of their new Lightworks Artisan product and their partnership with Caustic Graphics. Dave Forrester, CEO at Lightworks, commented, “We’re delighted to be taking part in this year’s Cofes.  It’s a key event in the industry’s calendar and […]

Powerful real-time visualisation from Arc Technology with Lightworks

ARC+ and Lightworks have come together to integrate the great rendering technology from Lightworks into the popular ARC+ CAD software package in use by over 30,000 users worldwide. Salvo Barbera, Development Director at ARC+, added; “We chose to work with Lightworks because we wanted to give our users the best possible product. We’re delighted with […]


Lightworks Is a Speedy, Professional-Level Open-Source Video Editor

Lifehacker has a short glowing review of the Open-Source video editing program “Lightworks” for Windows. If you’re looking for capable video editing software on a budget (or not), Lightworks is definitely worth checking out. I tried it out on a Windows 7 nettop, which is about as slow of a computer as you can buy […]
Winner Andrew Parks v2

Designer wins iPad in Lightworks image competition

Lightworks has just selecting the winner in their latest Image Competition, and it’s Andrew Parks with the amazing picture above. Andrew is a designer at Archimania in Memphis, Tennessee, where he utilises 3D visualisations as a design tool. He uses FormZ software for his modelling and rendering throughout all phases of the design process, continuously […]


Lightworks going Open-Source

Nonlinear Editor Lightworks has been around since 1990, but never gets the publicity of the other more well-known products like Avid, Final Cut, or AfterEffects.  A tool used by some of the biggest names in the field like Martin Scorcese and Thelma Schoonmaker,  it’s maintained the mantra of an editing system for editors, by editors.  […]

Lightworks Author 2011 with Perceptual Tone Mapping & IBL

Lightworks has just released a new version of their Author suite, Lightworks Author 2011, which includes the usual bugfixes and little improvements. But this one has 2 big new features: Perceptual Tone Mapping and Image Based Lighting. Perceptual Tone Mapping is a new tone map shader from Lightworks that closely mimics the action of the […]


ARES CAD now powered by Lightworks Artisan

A nice win for Lightworks today comes from the announcement that new versions of Graebert’s ARES CAD software will be integrated with the Lightworks Artisan SnapShot Studio, a product similar to Keyshot in that is allows quick and easy generation of photorealistic images from models, 3D CAD data in this case. The integration works throughout […]

Lightworks to Keynote Computer Graphics Conference

Lightworks senior software engineer Neil Gatenby will be keynoting the upcoming Theory & Practice of Computer Graphics conference in England, September 6-8th. Neil’s talk, entitled “Ridge walks in the graphics highlands, avoiding the falls, reaching the summit” will address the issues and complexities that can arise when writing a high performance photorealistic renderer. He will […]