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New Techniques in LiDAR Visualization

by Randall Handon December 10, 2010
UC Davis has an effort to better visualize and analyze LiDAR Point Clouds that’s using some rather unorthodox approaches. The challenge in visualizing and analyzing tripod LiDAR data is that data sets can contain hundreds of millions to billions of unstructured (scattered) 3D points, each with their (x, y, z) position and an associated intensity or […]


Navteq touts 3D laser mapping technology

by Paul Adamson January 7, 2010
Cnet has an article on the mapping company Navteq at CES. Navteq has started collecting lidar data using its own system which is called Navteq True. The idea is to construct 3-D models of cities in the the United States. When combined with other data, this will allow users to better navigate their surroundings. From […]

Visualizing Massive Point Clouds in 3DS Max and Maya

by Randall Handon September 25, 2009
Alice Labs's Studio Clouds offers a different paradigm in preparing, analyzing and visualizing point clouds. Their efforts have been focused in areas where other technologies have been lacking. Studio Clouds can process billions of points of data on a standard 32 or 64 bit PC with ease and it can also allow the import of these massive point clouds in 3DS Max and Maya.

LiDAR Scan of London in LandXplorer

by Randall Handon May 6, 2009
A 1500 square kilometer LIDAR scan of London, taken at 1 meter resolution, has been loaded into Autodesk LandXplorer.  It took four hours to process the Level of Details, but the result is a beautiful and fully interactive model of all of London. Video after the break.