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Poach-gate Scandal: VFX Idol Steve Jobs Involved

VFX Soldier has a great piece on some of the recent discoveries in the ongoing Apple/Pixar/Lucasfilm investigation from the Justice Department.  The allegation is that these three studios (and maybe more) had an illegal agreement to not poach each other’s employees in an attempt to drive wages down.  Not only is this illegal, but it’s […]

Revealing Economic Terrorists: a Slumlord Conspiracy

Many people forget that the real purpose of visualization isn’t just to make pretty pictures, it’s to improve understanding of information.  A great example comes from this piece over at orgnet where they use social network analysis to discovery the conspiracy of a slumlord transferring a property through multiple holding companies that are all actually […]

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Process Servers vs Sheriff


Data Visualization: Designing Understandable Data for All

FluxFun has the first part of a 2-part writeup on data visualization of court data.  I know, not the most exciting stuff, but an area with tons of data (Judges, lawyers, outcomes, etc) all in public form, but with no good way to trudge through it all. As the cliché goes, data is king, but […]


IBM’s Many Bills: Unlock Legislative Dealings

IBM has come out with a new interactive visualization tool aimed at peeling back the many layers of bureaucracy in congress.  The new “Many Bills” systems lets you track bills as they make their way through the various committees and offices, each step along the way changing just a little bit, before becoming the bills you know. […]
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Virginia Passes Law Allowing Webcam Notarization

Now here’s an odd sign of the times: A new law passed in Virginia allows Notary Publics to Notarize documents via Webcam.  They claim this will vastly increase the security of the notarization process, although I can see dozens of ways this can go wrong. Bill HB 2318 – now the law of the state […]


Tableau Announces New Data Policy & Advisory Board

Tableau took some heat when they unexpectedly took down the publicly-created visualizations of the WikiLeaks cables.  Realizing that perhaps that wasn’t the best solution to the touchy subject, they’ve spent some time working on a better solution.  Today, they’ve announced a new Data Policy and Advisory Board, hopefully to prevent this from happening again. The […]

How Our Laws Are Made

via We Love Datavis – How Our Laws Are Made.


Feds Sues Lucasfilm for Undermining VFX Artists

In the ongoing saga of VFX employees and companies being screwed by major hollywood studios, a new court case is on the horizon where the US is suing two of the biggest names in VFX: Lucasfilm and Pixar.  The charge: Antitrust violations. Lucasfilm and Pixar agreed to a three-part protocol that restricted recruiting of each […]

Details on Employment law with a VFX Twist

I just found a new WordPress blog called “VFX Law” that seems dedicated to pulling out all the details regarding the recent turmoil about contracts, unions, employment, and overtime.  From his own “about”: Based in Los Angeles, VFX Law is a CG Supervisor by day, and law student by night. VFX Law is primarily interested […]


Is Google’s WebM as free as they claim?

Barely a day after Google announced they would be opening VP8 to the world via their WebM initiative, lawyers for all the major codec agencies got together to start talking about how it’s not as free as Google would like it to be.  The MPEG LA group is already talking about creation of a ‘patent […]

Second Life and Real Life collide in the new Linden EULA

Linden Labs and Second Life have long held that all content created in the world is the sole property of the creator (or owner, once sold) and much of the early press material backed this up.  As such, thousands (millions?) of people have set up business operating in world selling clothes, buildings, and real-estate to […]