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Smartphone LCD-OLED Display Technology Shoot-Out

DisplayMate has revisited their Mobile Display “Shoot-out” and updated it with a huge amount of information, including the shown-above chromaticity diagrams indicating the resulting gamut.  Much to my surprise, the Motorola Droid outperforms every other phone (including the iPhone), although the Samsung Galaxy has the widest support.  In reality, the Galaxy’s support actually makes the […]

Prysm preps super-efficient laser phosphor TVs

Start up company Prysm has announced that they are getting ready to make LASER Phosphor Display (LPD) televisions. What are LPD televisions and how do they work? LPD TV uses a laser to scan across the screen of a television excite the red, blue, and green phosphors to produce the picture. The lasers can turn […]


Toshiba announces partnership with RealD for 3D TV’s

More 3D TV’s from CES, this time from Toshiba. They’ve partnered with RealD to create a new line of televisions called “Regza”, which will bring HD 3D LCD’s to us in 2010.  It is still, however, active stereo, unlike the passive polarized stereo RealD uses in theaters. The RealD Format is a proprietary version of […]

LG presents 39 new LCD HDTVs at CES

LG opened CES with their Press Briefing, and Engadget has the mammoth press release announcing 39 new LCD HDTV’s that cover the entire spectrum from high-end to low-end. The top of the line LE9500 Series  is LG's first LED 3D HDTV offering, but is also ultra slim with a 8.5mm bezel, has optional wireless HDMI […]


Magnetic 3D to show new glasses-free 3D displays at CES

Magnetic3D will be at CES challenging the glasses-free stereo displays of Alioscopy with three new displays of varying sizes: Allura: 3D monitor (22″-55″) solutions for Public Display. These are designed for applications such as Point-of-Sale, Out-of-Home, Digital Signage Networks, and Trade Shows and Events. Emersa: 3D monitors (22″-42″) for applications that require close proximity viewing, […]

LG announces “world’s thinnest” 42-inch LCD panel. Again.

LG has set a new record for thin LCD televisions, with a new 42-inch LCD panel with LED backlights and optical film that’s an impressive 2.6mm thick. The 42-inch panel weighs less than 4 kilograms – making it ideal for wall mounted TVs. Moreover, the new product offers 120Hz refresh rate technology with full HD […]

Alioscopy releases User Generated Content Platform

Alioscopy has released a new toolkit powered by Ignition, a real-time interactive engine from Applied Ideas Inc, called the User Generated Content platform that allows users to create 3D models or video for instant playback on their glasses-free 3D TV. “Alioscopy is constantly offering its customers a way to create and edit autostereoscopic 3D content […]

Alioscopy 3D Monitor at IBC2009

If you missed the glasses-free stereoscopic monitor from Alioscopy at SIGGRAPH then make sure you check it out in the Autodesk booth at IBC next week. “We’re excited to bring Alioscopy technology to IBC 2009 with Autodesk, and present the next way stereoscopic 3D entertainment, digital signage and visualizations will be created and viewed—without glasses,” […]

Sony Brings 3D Home in 2010

Looks like some of the rumors were true, as a new press-release from Sony announces that Sony will be bringing 3D LCD TV’s into the home in 2010, with what appears as some early versions available for Christmas this year. Sony’s 3D compatible “BRAVIA” LCD TVs incorporate frame sequential display and active-shutter glass systems*1, together […]

Calit2’s 9-screen LCD Visualization Rig

Researchers at the University of California, San Diego’s Calit2 Visualization team have constructed the “NexCAVE”, a 9-screen rig built from LCD monitors for immersive visualization. Researchers from the group have constructed a three-column, nine-panel 3D display using flat screens from JVC, stereoscopic glasses, and “game PCs with high end NVIDIA game engines.” Dubbed NexCAVE, it’s […]

The EVGA InterView Dual-Monitor Setup

EVGA has unveiled their latest offering in the monitor space, the “InterView”.  It’s a pair of 17-inch monitors running at 1440×900, on a single stand with a 1.3-megapixel webcam embedded directly between them. The really interesting part is that the monitors are mounted on 180-degree swivels to make it great for sharing work with other […]

Philips 21:9 LCD TV Price Announced

The Philips 21:9 LCD Television they’ve been demonstrating and advertising for a while finally has a price: £4,500, or $7,426 US.  And that’s not including the “extra stuff” you’ll need to really take advantage of the special widescreen. However, while the Philips Cinema 21:9 does not need to stretch films, it does need to manipulate […]