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Intel Cloud Ray Trace Knights Ferry

Cloud-based Ray Tracing Using Intel’s Knights Ferry

Intel has posted an article on using the Cloud to perform ray tracing in games. Normally, I am not a fan of the term Cloud, because of its overuse and hype. However, in this case, I will make an exception because it uses Intel’s Knights Ferry. What is Knight’s Ferry? Remember Larrabee? Larrabee was the […]

Intel’s ‘Project Offset’ First Person Shooter Canned

Back when Intel’s project Larrabee was going to revolutionize the computer graphics space and crush all of their competition with a single blow, Intel made the not-so-surprising move of acquiring a game development company (Offset Software) to create a secret game to demonstrate the hardware.  Called “Project Offset”, a few videos leaked out but nothing […]


An Update On Larrabee

Back on December 7th, we reported that Intel’s GPU chipset codenamed “Larrabee” was shut down. While later rumors claimed that Larrabee would rise from the dead like Lazarus, it appears that today the final nail has been pounded into the coffin. In a blog post, Bill Kircos, Intel’s Director of Product & Technology PR, has […]

Intel’s Larrabee to do a Lazarus? has an article up claiming to have an inside source on the Intel Larrabee engineering team that claims news of Larrabee’s death has been greatly exaggerated. “We were literally hundreds of people, Intel picked some really big hitters and a lot of those people are still hovering around waiting for Larrabee to come online […]

NVIDIA, AMD Stocks Rally as Intel Larrabee Retreats

InsideHPC noticed that yesterday’s stock prices show some pretty significant shift in the industry as the death of Larrabee signaled a big win for AMD and NVidia. So what’s next for the Intel Larrabee division? Intel spokespeople indicated that a future Larrabee product would be used for a software development platform for graphics and high […]

Larrabee News Roundup

For anyone looking for more news on the delay of Intel’s Larrabee Chipset, There’s plenty of it.  I’ve scoured the net and gathered up some of the better articles on its demise. InsideHPC Anandtech ExPreview Tom’s Hardware Reuters Bright Side of News TechTree India TGDaily, from Jon Peddie Tim Sweeny, Alas poor Larrabee, we hardly […]

Intel’s Larrabee GPU put on ice, more news to come in 2010

In a surprising bit of news from Intel, their GPU chipset codenamed “Larrabee” has been pretty much shut down.  The part will come to market eventually, another delay pushes it somewhere into 2010, but won’t be a GPU but rather a multicore computing chipset. Specifically, Larrabee v1 is so delayed that, at the time it […]

Intel’s Live Demo of Larrabee at SC09

At the recent Supercomputing2009 Conference in Portland, OR, Intel’s Justin Rattner talked about the Rise of the 3D Internet as a tool for collaboration and presentation of HPC resources in a friendly way to users.  Disguised in the middle of his talk was a few slides about the upcoming Larrabee chipset with a live on-stage […]

Programming Larrabee

Dr. Dobb’s Journal asks the question: Is Larrabee For the Rest of Us? Larrabee is the code name for a new microprocessor developed by Intel for GPGPU programming. Larrabee is meant to compete against the threat posed by AMD with its Radeon series of graphics chips, and NVIDIA with its line of GeForce graphics chips. […]

Intel CTO Justin Rattner on Larrabee & GPU

John West of InsideHPC has a great interview with Justin Rattner of Intel about his background in HPC computing and Intel’s contribution to supercomputing over the years.  Towards the end they begin talking about the recent popularity of GPU computing and he lets slip a few tidbits of Larrabee. “The goal of our next generation […]

IDF2009 first: Larrabee live demo of ray-tracing

At the recent Intel Developer Forum, Intel created quite a buzz with a live demonstration of their top-secret Larrabee chipset performing real-time raytracing.  The scene was a simple one, a boat on water with some helicopters flying overhead.  Running on their upcoming Gulftown 6-core CPU with a Larrabee chip, it did a good job demonstrating […]

Whitepaper on Rasterization on Intel Larrabee

A new whitepaper is available from Intel and Dr Dobbs Journal detailing some of the neat tricks you can do with GPU rasterization on the new Larrabee hardware.