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Telestream releases WireStreamGO in Beta for iOS livestreaming

Telestream Introduces Wirecast Go Mobile Live Streaming Application for iPhone

Wirecast Go Mobile Live Streaming Application Converts Your iPhone into a Live Broadcast Studio Wirecast Go’s professional production capabilities empower field-based news crews to create live streaming productions with a major network look and feel Telestream®, a leading provider of digital media tools and workflow solutions, today announced the introduction of Wirecast Go, a stand-alone […]
iSight Camera

iSight Camera Replacement Program for iPhone 6 Plus – Apple Support

If you bought an iPhone6 Plus between September 2014 and January 2015, you might have noticed blurry pics from the rear camera. Apple has noted the situation and is offering replacements for those units (which does not extend the original warrantee) and has a way to check if your serial number is among those units. […]

Eyesight damage caused by use of digital devices infographic

Nearly 95 Percent of Americans at Risk for Digital Eye Strain with Increased Device Use (INFOGRAPHIC)

A new report by The Vision Council finds nearly 95 percent of Americans spend two or more hours every day on digital devices, permeating all aspects of our personal lives – from waking, to exercising to cooking. The report, released today at the International Consumer Electronics Show, found a lack of awareness about how this […]
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The iPhone Evolution

via TopTieMobiel

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iPhone history animated in an infographic video

CNet UK has a nice little info-video online (Perhaps we need a new word?) chronicling the history of the iPhone from inception to the iPhone 5 (Which wound up being the 4S actually). Watch out for the number of transistors inside an iPhone 4, which we compare to an early Intel chip. It’ll blow your […]

Interactive Geometry Visualization with MeshLab for iOS

There’s a new iPhone/iPad app out that enables visualization of large 3D models in several popular formats like STL, OBJ, and PLY.  From a LinkedIn Post: The application has been developed by the Visual Computing Lab a research group of the Italian National Research Council (CNR) , the same team that has developed MeshLab, the […]

Stats of the Union screenshots

10 Infographics and Visualization Apps for iOS

Randy Krum has a nice roundup of visualization apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad).  Some are free, some are paid, but all are neat. As infographics continue to evolve and grow in popularity, so do the different ways we can view them.  A bunch of infographic specific apps have begun showing up on mobile devices. […]

Visualizing iPhone Movement across Europe

The crowdflow blog has some beautiful visualizations of 880 iPhones moving across Europe from April 2011.  They published the same data with 3 different colormaps, but they all look interesting. Fireflies HD | crowdflow blog.

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USA Today & Junaio Augment the SuperBowl

Fans of the Superbowl have a great new gadget to play with, courtesy of junaio and USA Today.  You can download the junaio app and fire up the “Superbowl 360” channel and get an interactive tour of the new Texas Stadium with commentary from Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. But that’s not all.  On Monday, […]

Goldrun Augmented Reality Scavenger Hunt at Sundance

If you’re going to be in the neighborhood of the Sundance Film Festival this year, you might want to download the GoldRun app to your iPhone.  During the festival, Sorel will be partnering with GoldRun to execute a ‘virtual scavenger hunt’ and place virtual Sorel bears in the area.  Find the bear, take a pic, […]


Word Lens for iPhone,iPod – Truly Augmented Reality

A neat little app has just popped up on iTunes for the iOS systems that combines text recognition, image processing, and language translation into a smooth augmented reality system.  ‘Word Lens‘ processes video from your iPhone or iPod Touch in real-time and removed text, and replaces it with replacement text of a selected type. Instantly […]

The Pixel Farm releases AirGrade with iPhone App

The Pixel Farm has released a fun new gadget called ‘AirGrade’ completely free, bringing some of their colour-grading prowess to the masses.  It opens a full world of professional film & TV grading tools to the user, all controllable via a fun iPhone app. To grade an image using Airgrade, users roll a 3D trackball […]