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The Story of Allan McKay

CGsociety’s Paul Hellard has a great interview with Allan McKay, CatastrophicFX founder and master of explosions and fire effects, where they discuss some of his more well-known projects and how he got started. “Eventually I got into POVray and Vista Pro and when I stumbled onto 3D Studio R3 for DOS and that was it […]

Facial Rigging in 3ds max with Luis San Juan

Di-O-Matic has a great interview with Luis San Juan, character rigger with Nexus Productions, fresh off their latest commercial for the International Olympic Committee.  In it he discusses the process of facial rigging as well as various software tools used. We used another tool, created by Matt Clark one of our fellow freelancers at Nexus, […]


An Interview with Sergio Santos

Dimension2.5 has a great interview with artist Sergio Santos about his experience entering the modeling field, modeling for video games, and his preferred tools. What’s new best about our 2011 line of Autodesk in modeling and texturing of characters?. Any more general level?. It seems that Autodesk is stepping up this year. In 2011 Maya […]

Tish Shute on Augmented Reality, ARWave, and the industry

BoingBoing has a great interview with Tish Shute, visual effects designer and owner of Ugotrade, a great blog interviewing the leading minds in the AR industry.  In the interview she gets into the recent Augmented Reality Event 2010 in Santa Clara, CA, and what she sees in the future for Augmented Reality. ARWave has the […]


VizWorld Interviews Kitware’s Berk Geveci

Last week we were able to interview Berk Geveci, Kitware’s Director of Scientfic Computing, about Kitware’s dedication to open source computing and their popular VTK and ParaView products.  Berk now leads a team of 18-20 people focused on high performance computing scientific visualization and, more recently, informatics and information visualization. Kitware is approximately 12 years […]

A Cool Interview with Nathaniel Pearlman

Cool Infographics has a nice interview online with Nathaniel Pearlman, president of Timeplots, LLC, the company behind the “Visual History of the American President” and “Visual History of the Supreme Court”. Cool Infographics: What software applications do you use for the Timeplots posters? Nathaniel Pearlman: So far we have programmed our graphics in the R […]


The Many Faces (And Sculptures) Of Edward Tufte

NPR recently sat down with the visualization guru Edward Tufte to discuss his sculptures (You knew he was a grand-scale sculptor, right?) on the announcement of his new gallery in New York City’s Art district, and eventually the conversation moves towards his work with “I’m working on things where people can see immediately the […]

An interview with Robert Kosara

Robert Kosara has a great interview with the Charlotte Observer, which makes sense as he is a professor of Computer Science at UNC Charlotte.  They start off easy with the definition of ‘data visualization’, but quickly move into some of his own implementations of visualization. I worked with Bank of America looking at wire transfer […]


Interview: Fernanda Viégas and Martin Wattenberg from Flowing Media

If you’ve followed IBM’s Many Eyes and the IBM Visual Communication Lab very closely, then you’ve probably heard the names Fernanda Viegas and Martin Wattenberg.  They recently left Big Blue and formed their own company named “Flowing Media”.  They sit down with InformationAesthetics in a great interview on why they moved and what they hope […]

Zargarpour On Gaming’s Key Role In Popularizing 3D

While several companies are now selling stereoscopic televisions a BluRay players, there is still an incredible vacuum of 3D content to view on them.  Gamasutra talks to Microsoft’s Habib Zargarpour about Stereoscopic 3D in the home and he reveals that he believes the gaming industry will be critical in pushing stereoscopic 3d to the forefront […]