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The Many Faces (And Sculptures) Of Edward Tufte

NPR recently sat down with the visualization guru Edward Tufte to discuss his sculptures (You knew he was a grand-scale sculptor, right?) on the announcement of his new gallery in New York City’s Art district, and eventually the conversation moves towards his work with “I’m working on things where people can see immediately the […]

An interview with Robert Kosara

Robert Kosara has a great interview with the Charlotte Observer, which makes sense as he is a professor of Computer Science at UNC Charlotte.  They start off easy with the definition of ‘data visualization’, but quickly move into some of his own implementations of visualization. I worked with Bank of America looking at wire transfer […]


Interview: Fernanda Viégas and Martin Wattenberg from Flowing Media

If you’ve followed IBM’s Many Eyes and the IBM Visual Communication Lab very closely, then you’ve probably heard the names Fernanda Viegas and Martin Wattenberg.  They recently left Big Blue and formed their own company named “Flowing Media”.  They sit down with InformationAesthetics in a great interview on why they moved and what they hope […]

Zargarpour On Gaming’s Key Role In Popularizing 3D

While several companies are now selling stereoscopic televisions a BluRay players, there is still an incredible vacuum of 3D content to view on them.  Gamasutra talks to Microsoft’s Habib Zargarpour about Stereoscopic 3D in the home and he reveals that he believes the gaming industry will be critical in pushing stereoscopic 3d to the forefront […]


Jess Bachman Interview on Making of Death & Taxes 2011

Cool Infographics interviews Jess Bachman, owner of and creator of the popular Death & Taxes posters, and they discuss some of the creation of this popular poster. Cool Infographics: What software applications do you use for the Death & Taxes posters? Jess Bachman: The only applications I use are Photoshop and Excel. Excel is […]

NVidia: Claims of 20% yields are Untrue

NVidia’s General Manager of MCP Business Drew Henry held an interview with Digitimes magazine in which they discuss the absence of a 512-core Fermi card, the results of the initial benchmarks, and if DRAM price inflation will impact upcoming produce prices.  Along the way, they push for details on the reports of poor yields out […]


Inside Pixar’s Leadership « Scott Berkun

The Economic has a great video interview done with Pixar’s president Ed Catmull about the creative process, the limits of eccentricity, and the dangers of attempting to prevent errors.  In it are several excellent ideas, such as how far can eccentricity go before it becomes a problem: [At Pixar] there is very high tolerance for […]

Gary Yost on The History of 3D Studio

MaxUnderground follows up on their successful interview with Tom Hudson with another great interview, this time with Gary Yost. The dynamic was… dynamic. We had taken on a pretty hefty responsibility coming from a small Atari software publishing operation and then being tasked to write the “AutoCAD of 3D animation”. You can imagine there was […]


Jeff Campbell on the VFX of “Legion”

CGHeute has an interview with Jeff Campbell, VFX Supervisor on Legion.  Bringing an army of angels to life, hellbent (no pun intended) on bringing about the extinction of the human race is no small task, but Jeff was able to tap into previous experience from the Orphanage’s work on Max Payne to bring these larger-than-life […]

CNNMoney Interview with Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang

CNNMoney has a pair of short interviews with NVidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang about the companies plans. In the latest installment of Connected, Fortune Senior Editor-at-Large Adam Lashinsky talks with Nvidia (NVDA) CEO Jen-Hsun Huang about his company's strategy for tablets and smartphones, and its ongoing legal battle with Intel (INTC). A few tidbits in the […]


Robert Kuczera on Animation for District 9

Robert Kuczera was a Senior Animator for several scenes involving the aliens of District 9. In an interview with CGHeute, he discusses some of the finer points of using motion capture data. What are the characteristics when working with Motion Capture data? The first work with animates on basis of Motion Capture data is the […]

Getting in the VFX Trenches

A new for-the-web 10-part SciFi series named “Trenches” has enlisted the help of Shane Felux to shoot the picture (available on  In an interview with AWN, he discusses how we works with the VFX people involved in the low-budget feature and how it’s impacting the project. BD: So, talk about the effects. How much […]