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Blowing up HTML5 video and mapping it into 3D space

Sean Christmann has some new demo’s up on CraftyMind showing some of the fun stuff that HTML5’s Canvas and Video tags enable.  He shows how you can, relatively easily, interact with live video with a simple “explosion” demo and rotate it in 3D.   He also brings this up: Don’t ask me why, but copying pixel […]

Graphic: Government requests directed to Google and YouTube

Google has created a new politically-motivated interactive mashup that shows the quantity of takedown notices and user information requests from various world governments.  This includes takedown notices for sites like Youtube, and access information for various websites and users.  While still in development, it’s pretty easy to see that the US is second only to […]


infographic: Map of Dirty Priests

The Associated Press has compiled a map of various “dirty priests” (accused of abuse) and shown how they’ve moved around the world to avoid prosecution and discrimination. Click on any line to see the details of that specific case, or select a county of origin/destination from the pulldowns up top to see all of the […]

StockMapper – Interactive Stock Market Visualization

Financial visualizations are always interesting, due to the wealth of information they have at their disposal: Stock volumes, mins & maxes, prices, and more.  The StockMapper website offers an interactive visualization of near-real-time changes in the Nasdaq and NYSE Euronext, allowing you to sort and filter by sector (Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Financial, etc) and […]


Tableau Software visualizes the Healthcare Vote

Tableau has another great graphic showing the distribution of votes in the recently passes Healthcare bill.  Up top you see their geographic map showing the distribution of uninsured patients and voting delegation, and below that is a collection of graphs adding in information on campaign contributions. After much deliberation, fighting, infighting and some rather intense […]

March Madness Comparison Tool

Tableau Software has taken their new Tableau Public and used it to compile the March Madness data into an interactive combination of a scatter chart and bar graph. March Madness is here! Like millions of Americans, I sat down today and realized I had no idea who was going to come out on top. Who […]


Democrats to Watch on the Health Care Vote – Interactive Graphic

The Congressional Budget Office recently said that the health care bill before Congress would cost $940 billion and reduce future federal deficits by $138 billion over 10 years. How will your Representative vote? Who is voting yes? Who is voting no? Who is on the fence. Which way will they lean? The New York Times […]

Outlook Brightens for Jobless

The Wall Street Journal has an interactive infographic showing the job losses from December 2007 through February 2010. They break down the increase in unemployment by sexes, and by race. The one exception are Asians, where they combined the two sexes together. I guess that the reason they do that is that otherwise the numbers […]


Statistics for a changing world: Google Public Data Explorer in Labs

Google has expanded their ‘public data search feature’ they announced a while back with several new datasources, and connected it with a new interactive visualization tool they call the ‘Public Data Explorer’. With a handful of data providers, there are already billions of possible charts to explore. We currently provide data from the same three […]

Infographic: What is the Cost of an Oscar? has a new interactive infographic that maps the cost of each Oscar nominated film as a circle, and shows information about the number of nominations and then computes a “profitability” Figure. If we divide the budgets of the films nominated at this edition of the Academy Awards for the number of nominations, The Hurt […]


BBC’s A History of the World in Objects

The BBC and the British History Museum have an interactive infographic on their website called “A History Of The World” where you can slide forward and backwards through time and view pictures and information about important objects of the period. A History of the World is a partnership between the BBC and the British Museum […]

Interact with the History of Electronic Music with SYNC/LOST

Visualize the history of electronic music with a new interactive installation, controlled by WiiMote with wireless headphones to let you hear the experience.  Part of the 3bits Labs, they aim to show the evolution and interconnectivity of the various genres of music (House, Techno, Ambient, Hip Hop) and show how they have mixed to create […]