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The Washington Posts’s Top Secret America

This has been all over the news, but The Washington Post has compiled a lengthy report of Top Secret Clearances and Projects across the US Government and published the results as a collection of interactive visualization tools on their site.  Their purpose is to show how use of the Top Secret Clearance has ballooned out […]

Every Doctor Who villain since 1963 – Visualized

A great find by the Guardian, xxnapoleonsolo on Many Eyes has created an interactive chart of all Doctor Who Villians in the entire history of the long-running show. Here’s a list of all the Doctor Who villains there have ever been since the very first episode in 1963. Whether it’s to help you put your […]


Vispol – An Interactive Scenario Visualization

Johannes Luderschmidt’s final master’s thesis was the creation of a multi-touch capable visualization tool to be used in law enforcement that he called ‘Vispol’. Targeted for ‘special situations’ like hostage scenarios or bank heists, the system is meant to work as a centralized data consolidation and analysis platform for the multitude of data sources police […]

Circles: Interactive Cluster Visualization

An interesting little tool from Carrot Search, creators of Lingo3G, is a tool called ‘Circles’.  It integrates JavaScript & Flash to create interactive hierarchical circle diagrams. Carrot Search Circles is an interactive visualization of hierarchical data structures, such as groups of documents or network domains. It gives an instant overview of the structure and contents […]


VIDI Toolkit Makes Data Visualization Easy

One of the recent Knight News Challenge winners was Aaron Presnall’s ‘VIDI’ project, a collection of Drupal modules to combine various datasets into interactive embeddable widgets.  On their site you can see an interactive timeline and map of recent World Cup games. This particular visualization uses our module TimelineMap, which was built as a Drupal […]

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa game tracker

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa game tracker.


Where do your favorite World Cup players Work?

I’ve heard a few people discussing “What are the requirements for being on the World Cup Team?” . Do you have to live in the country?  Play for a team in the country’s national league?  Work in the country?  It all seems a bit artificial, but you can see the increased ‘diversity’ of the various […]

The End of is closing up shop, handing another bullet to those ammunition-hoarders who think cloud services are a constant trap for taking your data and info with no real requirements.  Fighting in a space full of names like Tableau and IBM ManyEyes, visualization as a service is proving to be a difficult market to break.  Robert […]

VisualSport: Social Visualization of (Live) World Cup Football Statistics

Visual Sport has rolled out a set of interactive widget for monitoring the current craze, the 2010 World Cup.  Allowing you to compare individual players from the past along with live interactive timelines of the current games, they’ve got a wealth of fascinating informaiton. The match tracking interface contains 2 separate parts: the “Match Timeline” […]

Timeline: The Gulf Oil Disaster

BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill on Dipity. Another great way of keeping track of what’s going on with the Gulf Oil Spill, check out this interactive timeline from which compiles everything going back to 2000. A lot has happened in the month since BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded, sunk, and caused the worst […]