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The Cost of Connectivity 2014

Who’s the fastest in any land? DataViz of 2500 Internet offerings across the world (INFOGRAPHIC)

Who doesn’t want fast internet speeds? This table and interactive data visualization has been created by, as part of their Cost of Connectivity 2014 data visualizations. Read and share the info below. You might want to move to Amsterdam if you’re really hoping to stream House of Cards with no buffering. Data from […]
Map of Goods Confiscated from the Italian Mafia

Data Journalism: Behind the dataviz of Goods Confiscated from the Italian Mafia

Andrea Nelson Mauro, a data journalist writing for, has taken to heart the call for living up to best practices as a data journalist. He explains how he and his team went about creating the interactive data visualization below, which shows buildings and properties the Italian government has seized from the Mafia, region by […]

Cyberbullying Infographic from

Infographic to help parents identify and stop cyberbullying from

Cyberbullying is a real social phenomena that has grown with the new landscape of openness, instant access to and for all, and the curious new form of anonymity that pervades in being social without being physically present., an online community and resource originating from the UK but open for membership internationally, is dedicated to […]

Gun Deaths, Infographics, and Emotional Storytelling

How do we get emotionally connected to a story? By finding where we can relate or empathize at the personal level. The best infographics tell their stories with emotional impact, helping us relate to the facts or the results of actions rather than just displaying them. Otherwise, they become yet another collection of data, perhaps […]


Birth Year Inflation Infographic

This is a fun way to generate a quick infographic that actually means something. BillShrink has an interactive application that allows you enter your birth year, then generates how much something cost when you were born versus today. You can see what it generated for me above. The numbers look about right, except for the […]

Deepwater Horizon Interactive Timeline @ WSJ

Deepwater Horizon costs $365 million dollars to build. The rig had 130 crew members, and covered the size of two football fields. Its owners, Transocean, rented the rig to BP at a cost of more than $500,000 a day. Last September, it drilled six miles down to an field that contained 3 billion barrels of […]


Tracking the Cancellations

The New York Times has an interactive infographic showing how the ash cloud from the icelandic volcano has spread over Europe, and id affecting airports. Obviously red means that the airport is closed; yellow means that the airport has reduced operations; green means that the airport is open and only flights to the regions affected […]

Take 10 Map – 2010 Census

The 2010 United State Census is in full swing. Currently, we have a 67% response rate nationwide. How is your state doing? How about the county, or in some cases, the town in which you live. The Census Bureau has an interactive infographic that allows you to delve into the data. It even allows you […]


Swing vote effects explored with swingometer

One of my favorite websites to visit, FlowingData, has posted an article about the coming 2010 elections in the United Kingdom. The election in the UK is to take place on May 6th. FlowingData points to The Guardian, which has posted an interactive infographic which allows you to view different possible outcomes in the election. […]

The Recession in Perspective

Would you believe that The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis has posted several interactive infographics? First you can take a look at the change in the U.S. employment for past recessions all the way back to 1948. Then you can take a look at how fast the U.S. employment situation changed during the recoveries. Next, […]


Information is Beautiful

Information is Beautiful has posted some updates on their website. First up, they have enhanced their visualization of banned keywords and censored websites in China. Secondly, they have updated their interactive SnakeOil Supplements visualization. Finally, they have a full size image of Wilfred Castillo‚Äôs Tide Prediction graphic. Click on the link below to go to […]

Statplanet – Interactive Browser Visualization

StatPlanet is a interactive data visualization and mapping tool that can be run in your browser, or as a stand-alone application. Their demo contains information on life expectancy, population, age, agriculture, GDP, poverty, health, and much more. It allows you to perform bar graphs, time series, and scatter plots with the data. All-in-all it is […]