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8 Core Intel CPU to ship next month

While this is primarily a visualization site, occasionally we dip into other hardware aspects as they may affect the work we do. For example, we have talked about SSDs in the past, especially with regards to PCI-Express based solutions. Faster access to storage means less time waiting when loading large files, or many small files. […]

CNNMoney Interview with Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang

CNNMoney has a pair of short interviews with NVidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang about the companies plans. In the latest installment of Connected, Fortune Senior Editor-at-Large Adam Lashinsky talks with Nvidia (NVDA) CEO Jen-Hsun Huang about his company's strategy for tablets and smartphones, and its ongoing legal battle with Intel (INTC). A few tidbits in the […]


AMD, Intel, And Nvidia In The Next Ten Years

Alan Dang of Tom’s Hardware takes an in-depth look into the next decade of GPU offerings and tries to divine what we may see happen.  He begins by reminiscing about the crumble of the Sound Card market (moving from the PC speaker, to the high-end Sound Card, back to integrated audio), then covers the three […]

Augmented Reality on Core i5

Intel’s Anthony Gallo shows off three augmented reality demos on an Intel Core i5 processor. For the first demo, he starts the web cam on the computer and then holds up the December issue of Esquire magazine. Robert Downey Jr. pops onto the screen. The 3-D image on the screen is changes based on the angle that the magazine is […]


Comparing Windows 7 with Windows Vista in Intel Smoke

At the recent TechEd conference, Intel was demonstrating their new Smoke Gaming engine on a Windows7 machine and a Windows Vista machine.  Both machines had identical hardware (Intel i7 chipsets internally, of course) but the Windows7 machine was significantly faster. See what a difference the new Windows 7 kernel makes compared to Windows Vista. The […]

Intel HD graphics

Intel integrated graphics chips have never been known for being excellent performers. Sure, they are good enough to surf the web, but not much beyond that. That makes them good for low cost machines that simply work, which makes them great for family members who need reliabile machines. Bit-Tech has posted an article on the […]


Legal & Financial: AMD goes Up, & NVidia coming down?

A pair of interesting legal turns have lead to a pair of interesting financial turns for the two giants of the computer graphics industry.  First off, AMD published the quarterly report to wrap up 2009, and found themselves a surprise, they’re in the black for the first time in 13 quarters?  How did this miracle […]

Intel’s Computer Vision Accelerator

Video cameras have become integrated into many devices. Intel is looking to take advantage of these video cameras for gesture based interaction. Intel’s Tony Chun describes mobile augmented reality for develping accelerators to be used in smart phones for image recognition and speech recognition. You can hit the link below for a two minute video […]


Intel’s Fluid Simulation for Video Games

Dr. Micheal J. Gourlay has published a 5-part series on the Intel Software Network about Fluid Simulation for Video Games.  From his own description: This article, the fifth in a series, describes the profiling and optimization of a fluid simulation, presented in the third and fourth articles. The first article summarized fluid dynamics; the second […]

Intel’s Double-HD MultiTouch Wall at CES

In Intel’s booth at CES, you can see two giant double-HD screens showing a realtime visualization of web news stories. The entire setup is apparently powered by a single i7 processor, and it’s easy to see how you could shrink an application like this down for use on oh, say, a tablet of some sort. […]