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Legal & Financial: AMD goes Up, & NVidia coming down?

A pair of interesting legal turns have lead to a pair of interesting financial turns for the two giants of the computer graphics industry.  First off, AMD published the quarterly report to wrap up 2009, and found themselves a surprise, they’re in the black for the first time in 13 quarters?  How did this miracle […]

Intel’s Computer Vision Accelerator

Video cameras have become integrated into many devices. Intel is looking to take advantage of these video cameras for gesture based interaction. Intel’s Tony Chun describes mobile augmented reality for develping accelerators to be used in smart phones for image recognition and speech recognition. You can hit the link below for a two minute video […]


Intel’s Fluid Simulation for Video Games

Dr. Micheal J. Gourlay has published a 5-part series on the Intel Software Network about Fluid Simulation for Video Games.  From his own description: This article, the fifth in a series, describes the profiling and optimization of a fluid simulation, presented in the third and fourth articles. The first article summarized fluid dynamics; the second […]

Intel’s Double-HD MultiTouch Wall at CES

In Intel’s booth at CES, you can see two giant double-HD screens showing a realtime visualization of web news stories. The entire setup is apparently powered by a single i7 processor, and it’s easy to see how you could shrink an application like this down for use on oh, say, a tablet of some sort. […]

NVIDIA, Intel, the FTC, and new allegations

The FTC has added new allegations to the anticompetitive investigation that’s been underway on price fixing related to the Atom and Ion chipsets, this time focused on the GPU.  The timing is a bit strange, given Intel’s recent retreat from the GPU market and failure of Larrabee, but here’s what the FTC says: Intel has […]

All Intel wants for Christmas….

From a recent “Intel’s Insides”, NVidia’s blog/comic dedicated to poking fun an Intel’s foray into GPU development (now dead, tho the comic strip lives on). Just too good to pass up. Home.

Counterpoint: Intel Will Never Buy Nvidia

Jon Peddie takes his considerable track record and inside knowledge of the computer industry and uses it to build a convincing argument against the earlier rumor (more like Thought Experiment) that Intel could buy NVidia. It’s unlikely, regardless of how big Intel’s checkbook is, that the two companies could ever agree on the price. The […]

Rumor Mill: Intel Could Buy nVIDIA ?

Now this is a completely unfounded rumor, but a fun one to think about: Robert Cringely has posted a thought on his “I, Cringely” blog that Intel might simply buy NVidia: Intel this week cancelled Larrabee, its proposed graphics processing unit (GPU) that was intended to compete with both nVIDIA and ATi (now a part […]

NVIDIA, AMD Stocks Rally as Intel Larrabee Retreats

InsideHPC noticed that yesterday’s stock prices show some pretty significant shift in the industry as the death of Larrabee signaled a big win for AMD and NVidia. So what’s next for the Intel Larrabee division? Intel spokespeople indicated that a future Larrabee product would be used for a software development platform for graphics and high […]

Larrabee News Roundup

For anyone looking for more news on the delay of Intel’s Larrabee Chipset, There’s plenty of it.  I’ve scoured the net and gathered up some of the better articles on its demise. InsideHPC Anandtech ExPreview Tom’s Hardware Reuters Bright Side of News TechTree India TGDaily, from Jon Peddie Tim Sweeny, Alas poor Larrabee, we hardly […]

Intel’s Larrabee GPU put on ice, more news to come in 2010

In a surprising bit of news from Intel, their GPU chipset codenamed “Larrabee” has been pretty much shut down.  The part will come to market eventually, another delay pushes it somewhere into 2010, but won’t be a GPU but rather a multicore computing chipset. Specifically, Larrabee v1 is so delayed that, at the time it […]

Intel’s Live Demo of Larrabee at SC09

At the recent Supercomputing2009 Conference in Portland, OR, Intel’s Justin Rattner talked about the Rise of the 3D Internet as a tool for collaboration and presentation of HPC resources in a friendly way to users.  Disguised in the middle of his talk was a few slides about the upcoming Larrabee chipset with a live on-stage […]