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Intel GPA Case Study: Neoqb’s Rise Of Flight

A case study from Intel shows the power behind their Graphics Performance Analyzer (GPA) as used in optimizing the Neoqb game “Rise of Flight”.  The study has several interesting examples of how they used GPA to locate bottlenecks and reorganize code for some fairly impressive performance improvements. Two scenes were the target for my optimization […]

Intel’s ‘Project Offset’ First Person Shooter Canned

Back when Intel’s project Larrabee was going to revolutionize the computer graphics space and crush all of their competition with a single blow, Intel made the not-so-surprising move of acquiring a game development company (Offset Software) to create a secret game to demonstrate the hardware.  Called “Project Offset”, a few videos leaked out but nothing […]


“GPUs Are Only Up To 14 Times Faster than CPUs” says Intel

Using graphics processing units (GPUs) to perform general purpose computing (GPGPU) has been all the rage in the past few years. In fact, the second fastest high performance computer (HPC) in the world today uses NVidia GPUs. But for all their benefits, there is a problem with using GPUs to solve problems. The problem is […]

An Update On Larrabee

Back on December 7th, we reported that Intel’s GPU chipset codenamed “Larrabee” was shut down. While later rumors claimed that Larrabee would rise from the dead like Lazarus, it appears that today the final nail has been pounded into the coffin. In a blog post, Bill Kircos, Intel’s Director of Product & Technology PR, has […]

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Huron River 2011 Platform supports 3D Blu-ray

The Huron River platform is the seventh-generation Centrino platform. The mobile processor associated with the Huron River platform is a Sandy Bridge CPU. The Sandy Bridge codename refers to a CPU that is the planned successor to Nehalem. In addition to the Sandy Bridge CPU, the Huron River platform will include a new version of […]

NVidia argues for Moore’s Law in Forbes

NVidia’s Bill Dally has an article in Forbes where he discusses the impact of Moore’s law, the theoretical doubling of transistor counts every 18 months that would lead to the doubling of performance in CPU’s every 18 months.  In recent years, this exponential growth has dropped as higher transistor counts have lead to higher power […]


Intel Nehalem Hyperthreading Performance

Intel has offered Hyperthreading, a hardware level multi-thread optimization technique that turns a single physical core into two “virtual” cores, in their last several processors.  In my experience, its use in CPU-heavy applications (like Rendering) hasn’t been worth the penalty, typically increasing render times as you watch CPU’s trade off performance.  As one virtual core […]

Nvidia, Intel vie for lead role at Apple

Cnet has posted an article with their take on the recent updates to the MacBook Pro update. The article comments on the recent graphics switching capability that Apple has included in the new lineup. They also note that on the 13 inch MacBook Pro, Apple updated the graphics chip but did not update the Intel […]


Intel guru says 3-D Internet will arrive within five years

ComputerWorld has an interview with Sean Koehl, a technology evangelist with Intel Labs, who predicts that the Internet will look different in 5 to 10 years. He states that much of the Internet will be in 3-D. That is not much of a prediction, in my opinion. I predict that the weather will be different […]

Intel’s Larrabee to do a Lazarus? has an article up claiming to have an inside source on the Intel Larrabee engineering team that claims news of Larrabee’s death has been greatly exaggerated. “We were literally hundreds of people, Intel picked some really big hitters and a lot of those people are still hovering around waiting for Larrabee to come online […]