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NVIDIA & Intel Settle with $1.5B Licensing Agreement

by Randall Handon January 10, 2011
In a move that signals the recent Sandy Bridge announcements are more than just fluff, Intel and NVidia have signed a new licensing agreement  for the next 6 years to the tune of $1.5Billion USD and the end of all current legal disputes. Under the new agreement, Intel will have continued access to NVIDIA’s full […]

What is an APU?

by Paul Adamson January 5, 2011
What is an APU? Well, the short answer is that it is an Accelerated Processing Unit (APU). But what does that really mean? For AMD, it means that a low end graphics processing unit (GPU) is being combined with a traditional x86 CPU. The real question that I have is, what will this do to […]

SC10: New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees at Intel Booth

by Paul Adamson December 16, 2010
This video was taken at SC10 in New Orleans when the New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees was interviewed at the Intel booth. Drew talks about the number of surgeries that he has been through, all due to football, of course. He also talks about whether or not he wants his sons to take up […]

Apple to tap Intel & AMD graphics for future MacBooks

by Paul Adamson December 9, 2010
On January 5th at the Consumer Electronics Show, Intel will announce Sandy Bridge. Sandy Bridge is a 32 nm CPU which is combined with an on-die GPU. This on-die GPU shares the L3 cache of the CPU, and doubles the performance of Intel’s HD Graphics today. CNET News is reporting that future MacBooks will be […]


Nvidia chips in 200 new notebooks in 2011, with Sandy Bridge

by Randall Handon December 7, 2010
In what might be proof of the earlier rumors about a settlement between NVidia and Intel, NVidia has just announced that an impressive 200 new laptop designs in 2011 will feature Nvidia’s latest mobile chips.  Then, Jen-Hsun dropped a little bombshell: several of these will also come with Intel’s own Sandy Bridge. Chief exec Jen-Hsun […]

Intel and NVIDIA Request Trial Delay

by Randall Handon December 2, 2010
Big news in the tech sector today is that the Intel & NVidia trial that was supposed to begin on December 6th has possibly been postponed at the request of Intel & NVidia for reasons ‘concerning licensing issues’.  Lots of people seem to think this is indication that a settlement is on the horizon. But […]

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Intel® Announces OpenCL SDK

by Randall Handon November 16, 2010
Possibly to compete against NVidia & PGI’s ‘CUDA x86‘ offering, Intel has announced at SC10 that they have a new OpenCL SDK enabling executing of OpenCL code on Intel x86 Processors, currently only on Windows Vista & Windows 7. OpenCL* is an emerging standard from the Khronos Group industry consortium. As a Khronos founder and […]

Graphics Comparison Tables: Quadro and Intel GMA

by Randall Handon October 14, 2010
Earlier today we showed you the slide of the various AMD Radeon cards.  Turns out, they’re not the only ones around right now. HardwareSecrets has a great breakdown of the many Intel Integrated Graphics chips on their site. NVidia has a nice PDF (View Online) of the many Quadro offerings (including the previous generation and […]

Intel’s Media Offerings and The Power of Xeon Processors

by Randall Handon October 4, 2010
A pair of whitepapers from Intel showcase that you can still do plenty of graphics and media things without a GPU, and do it quote well. The first one is more of a whitepaper, where the LA-based “Bandito Brothers” media company talks about using Xeon processors with Adobe Creative Suite 5 to process some of […]