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Aspect Ratio and Banking to 45 Degrees

by Randall Handon June 3, 2013
Robert Kosara has an interesting piece about the “banking to 45-degrees” phenomena in line-charts and its origin in a 1988 paper. What people often miss, however, is what task Cleveland and the McGills were after. The paper is very specifically about the comparison between the slopes of two lines, and the slope is the average […]
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Meet @InfoVis_Ebooks, Your Source for Random InfoVis Paper Snippets

by Randall Handon May 9, 2013
Robert Kosara (eagereyes) has written a fun little tool that posts random text from InfoVis papers at major conferences on twitter at the @InfoVis_Ebooks account. Each tweet contains a reference to the paper the snippet is from. For InfoVis, VAST, and CHI, these are DOIs rather than links. Links get long and distracting, whereas DOIs […]


Federal Taxes and Debt

by Paul Adamson April 1, 2010
I have followed Doug Short for a number of years now via some of his graphs posted on Calculated Risk. I especially love the fact that he has compared the crash of 1929, with the 1973 oil crisis, the 2000 tech crash, and the 2007 financial crash in a nice visualization. Recently he has been […]


Stacked Bar Chart Alternatives

by Paul Adamson April 1, 2010
I cannot stand a stacked bar chart for one simple reason. The stacked bar chart has only one common baseline. Thus you can only compare variables along that one common baseline. The rest of the variables do nothing except to clutter up the chart. I have wanted to do a post against stacked bar charts […]

Visualizing Names

by Paul Adamson March 24, 2010
Hades: So you took care of him, huh? “Dead as a doornail.” Weren’t those your *exact* words? Pain: This might be a different Hercules. Panic: Yeah. I mean, Hercules is a very popular name nowadays. Pain: Remember, like, a few years ago, every other boy was named Jason, and the girls were all named Brittany? […]

Visualizing IPv4 addresses on the Internet

by Paul Adamson January 25, 2010
Did you know that there is less than 950 days (2.6 years) until regional registry IPv4 address exhaustion? There are 4,294,967,296 addresses (or about 28.8 adresses per square kilometer of land) for IPv4. Thus we need to moving towards IPv6 which gives us 2128 addresses (or about 2.2 x 1024 adresses per square meter of land). […]
Unemployment on a County Level

When Did Your County’s Jobs Disappear?

by Paul Adamson January 8, 2010
Slate has taken the Local Area Unemployment Statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics to create an information visualization showing the jobs lost over the past two years. Blue circles indicate that jobs were gained. Red circles indicate that jobs were lost. The size of the circle indicates the magnitude of change. The visualization […]


Jobs Growth Forecast Interactive Visualization

by Paul Adamson January 8, 2010
USA Today has created an interactive visualization showing a jobs growth forecast from economic consulting firm Moody’s You can view the one year forecast change in jobs for the entire nation by state. When looking at the forecast by state, Texas looks to improve by 1.3% while Nevada continues to plummet by 1.9%. If […]

EagerEyes’ The State of Information Visualization

by Randall Handon January 6, 2010
Robert Kosara, known to many as @EagerEyes, has written up his views on Information Visualization and access to data in 2009, and where he thinks 2010 is going. In addition to the practical visualization uses, 2010 might be the year of visualization theory. While our field is certainly an applied one, we still need a […]