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Picture Mill’s work for The Other Guys

Upcoming film “The Other Guys” showcases some eye-catching visuals in the opening and ending credits done by Picture Mill., specifically the ending credits which feature several animated infographics and charts of bloated CEO bonuses, the stockmarket crash, and effects of the massive government bailouts recently. “Bold, brightly colored charts and graphs fill the screen with […]

17 Public Administration Infographics Everyone Should See

Over at Democrablog, they’ve compiled a list of 17 infographics covering various aspects of public administration and government including medical care, budgets, taxes, and many more. Because infographics are becoming a popular way to break down complex concepts and illustrate certain public policies, public administration officials increasingly recognize their importance. Indeed, the First Lady, Michelle […]


VisMag Volume 3: Isometric and an Interview with Chris Watson

To celebrate the 3rd volume of ‘Visualization Magazine: Isometrics‘, Cool Infographics interviews the author Chris Watson to discuss how the magazine came about, how he works with the multitude of designers, and the future of the mag. Cool Infographics: What’s your favorite Isometric visualization? Chris Watson: *smile* I’m not sure, its partly the reason I […]