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Submit Infographics Launches Killer Infographics

Another entry into the aggregation of Infographics appeared yesterday from, called ‘Killer Infographics’. Matt Weston, a spokesperson for Killer Infographics told us that “there isn’t one central hub online where businesses can submit their infographics and be certain that they will receive the appropriate credit and link for their efforts.” Because of this, the […]

Spanish site HagoClic launches major Infographic category

Infographics are on the rise – and I mean worldwide. The Spanish news aggregator, part of the La Vanguardia Group, released today (31/08) a new Infographics category in their Communication section. In this section, it will be possible to find the latest news and designs from some of the most interesting sources from the […]

TEDTalks: David McCandless: The Beauty of Data Visualization

The Huffington Post points us to a fun TED talk from David McCandless about new ways to mash up and merge data into fun and useful visualizations, and slyly throws in a plug for his book The Visual Miscellaneum. McCandless’ genius is not so much in finding jazzy new ways to show data — the […]