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13 Brilliant Eye-Candy Visualizations of Halloween

Tiago’s latest post on InspiredMag is up, this time collecting a nice selection of infographics about Halloweel. A mix of tradition, paganism and lots of fun, both for youngsters and adults. That’s Halloween, a date which also inspires designers from all over the world. Illustrations, icons, wallpapers, themes and so many other stuff, always spreading […]


The Rise of The Tower Graphic

Over at, he looks at the current popularity of “tower graphics”, those tall multi-screen infographics that typically look pretty but contain little substance, and wonders if they’re really all bad.  They’re so popular, why is that?  First off, they fulfill the human drive for simple data fast. But-it cannot be all bad can it?  If […]


30 Selective, Useful and Creative Infographics

BestDesignTuts has a nice collection of 30 infographics, covering several that we’ve seen before but creating a nice catalog of inspirational sources if you plan to create your own. Any visual representation of any information, data or knowledge, which makes the understanding of that particular piece of information easy and quick, is called infographic or […]


Chart Porn Design Contest: Economics & Politics for Dunces

All you infographics designers have a good contest opportunity from Chart Porn, and a chance at a $250 Cash Prize. Create an infographic that compares different economic and/or political systems. I’m leaving it completely open to the designers to decide how they want to organize it, how snarky to make it, what political or economic […]