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Class Size and SAT Scores By State

by Randall Handon November 11, 2009
It makes sense that a lower ratio of students to teachers would result in more “one on one” time with teachers, and therefore result in a better education and smarter students.  This is frequently used as an argument for increased educational spending and hiring additional teachers, but is it true?  FlowingData compares state’s average ratio […]

Infographic as Real Unemployment nears 18%

by Randall Handon November 9, 2009
The Business Intelligence Guru has a great chart showing the trends in unemployment data broken down by region, market, and various other demographic segments which he updates every month.  Just now updated for October, and he updates it every month. Real Unemployment nears 18%, over 25MM Americans jobless. | Real Business Intelligence. via ChartPorn

Unemployment, 2004 to Present – The Country is Bleeding

by Randall Handon November 5, 2009
The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has just released the most recent unemployment figures, and Nathan of FlowingData compiled the last 6 years into a great collection of graphs that are rather poetically described by his younger sister. I showed my younger sister the maps. Her response: “It looks like the country is bleeding.” While […]

2008 US Movie Box Office Chart

by Randall Handon November 5, 2009
Xach has published an interactive chart of the 2008 US Box Office returns.  Each stripe is a movie, with the width of the stripe representing the money coming in each week.  Stripes are ordered each week (The columns) by top-grossing, and you can see them all make huge returns on opening weekend and slowly trickling […]

Nursing Statistics Infographic

by Randall Handon November 5, 2009
A great infographic from “Mibi” of WallStats fame details numbers about the Nursing profession including salaries, employment, the kinds of “crap” (both literally and figuratively) that they deal with, and the long-lasting nursing shortage nationwide. Nursing Statistics.

xkcd’s Movie Narrative Charts

by Randall Handon November 3, 2009
Another great visualization creation from xkcd, this time showing “Movie Narratives” for Lord of the Rings, Star Wars (Original Trilogy), Jurassic Park, 12 angry men, and Primer.  Of course the last few are mainly a joke, but the Lord of the Rings & Star Wars ones really are impressive, showing locations, battles, how the character’s […]

Flowchart for “Hey Jude”

by Randall Handon November 2, 2009
Just found this on Spreeblick, a flow chart visualizing the lyrics of the classic hit “Hey Jude”. Flowchart: Hey Jude | Spreeblick.