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9/11 Pager Data Visualization

This week, Wikileaks published a large dataset of intercepted pager messages from the 9/11 World Trade Center tragedy including messages between individuals and emergency services.  Jeff Clark took the data and analyzed various phrases for important and shares the results. The archive is a completely objective record of the defining moment of our time. We […]

American Ingenuity Is Respected, but Newsweek Infographics are not

If you’re still looking for your own entry into Infosthetic’s Ugly Infographic competition, then Newsweek has come to your rescue with their latest collection of infographics showing how the US and China view each other.  There’s a bit of useful information in there, but good luck finding it. I’ve already submitted #4 as my entry […]

Projected Marijuana Tax Revenues, by State

Fans of the funny green leaf have long stated that if it was adopted by the US and taxed like cigarettes or alcohol, the revenues would be immense and crime would be reduced.  But, just how much revenue would there be?  A new infographic at sloshspot compiled the data and has a nice infographic. Love […]

Bad Infographic of Mapping Emissions by Country

The Center for Public Integrity worked with Stephen Rountree to create an interactive infographic visualizing emissions of various countries, and overlays it as bubbles onto a world map.  However, as points out it has some flaws: The data is plotted as a bubble chart on the wold map which makes it basically easy to […]

Infographic of Effective Infographics

A great recursive infographic on infographics comes from David McCandless of Information is Beautiful. To me, these seem like the key components of a good infographic / data visualisation / piece of information design. Information needs to be interesting (meaningful & relevant) and have integrity (accuracy, consistency). Design needs to have form (beauty & structure) […]

Visualizing Classic Adventures

The “Choose Your Own Adventure” series was one of my favorites as a kid, for the control it gave me over the story and the numerous creative ways to find my own doom while searching for the happy ending.  Christian Swinehart has taken the data from the stories and created some beautiful visualizations. Designer Christian […]

Class Size and SAT Scores By State

It makes sense that a lower ratio of students to teachers would result in more “one on one” time with teachers, and therefore result in a better education and smarter students.  This is frequently used as an argument for increased educational spending and hiring additional teachers, but is it true?  FlowingData compares state’s average ratio […]

7 Visualization Groups On Flickr to Find Inspiration

Flickr, the popular Yahoo-owned photography sharing site, also plays host to many infographic and artistic products.  FlowingData’s Nathan has compiled a list of 7 groups for infographic artists to check out: I’ve always thought of Flickr as a place where I can share my photos with friends and family; however, I’m starting to see there’s […]

Infographic as Real Unemployment nears 18%

The Business Intelligence Guru has a great chart showing the trends in unemployment data broken down by region, market, and various other demographic segments which he updates every month.  Just now updated for October, and he updates it every month. Real Unemployment nears 18%, over 25MM Americans jobless. | Real Business Intelligence. via ChartPorn

Unemployment, 2004 to Present – The Country is Bleeding

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has just released the most recent unemployment figures, and Nathan of FlowingData compiled the last 6 years into a great collection of graphs that are rather poetically described by his younger sister. I showed my younger sister the maps. Her response: “It looks like the country is bleeding.” While […]