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Most Ugly & Useless Infographic Competition: The Winners

Infosthetics has named the winners of the “Most Ugly & Useless Infographic Competition”, and wow were there some simply horrible ones.  Shown to the right is one of the winners, a chart from CERN of the recently activated LHC. Two circulating beams bring first collisions in the LHC. “From the press release two days ago, […]

Visualizing Every Nuclear Detonation

Gizmodo turns up this infographic showing every nuclear explosion (for military or research purposes) since 1945 on a map, correlating the size with the power of the explosion and the color with the offending country. In this map, which takes into account all the documented nuclear tests since 1945, two things really stand out. The […]

Visualizing college football coaches’ ballots for Top 25

I will show my bias my simply saying that The Title Game for Number 1 in college football was played this past Saturday when Alabama defeated Florida in the SEC championship. However, my opinion does not count for anything in the poll rankings, and I am sure that a few Texas, TCU, and Boise State […]

Earning Power: A Visual Survey of 80 Occupations

A new infographic from Jess Bachman of Wallstats fame and Mint, the popular financial tracking website, compates 80 occupations in a MASSIVE graphic to show averages and extremes across the nation. You may have seen our guide to the Best and Worst Places to Work by Salary, and this is a more comprehensive follow-up, which […]

Robert Kosara’s Stance on Curing A Sick Chart

A recently popular chart from GE and Ben Fry attempted to show the cost of various illnesses across population, attempting to show the high cost of healthcare.  Robert Kosara (@eagereyes) took issue with the chart (as did many others) and thought he could do better, and recently published his attempts.  His came up with some […]

Visualizing Social Media Usage Around the Globe

TrendStream has a new infographic that shows the penetration of various social networks around the world, based on a survey of 32,000 users across 16 countries. “The massive impact of China: The vast Internet population coupled with hugely socially active set of web users, makes for a massive volume of content creators. However due to […]

Enter the “Visualize The BCS” Infographic Contest!

InfoJocks and CoolInfographics have partnered up to bring the “Visualize the BCS” infographic contest. Announcing the “Visualize the BCS” contest from! The Bowl Championship Series causes a ton of debate between sports fans over the holidays. We want you to design an infographic about the BCS. What to visualize is completely up to you, […]

Microsoft details new Vedea visualization language

Microsoft, unhappy with the success of visualization-oriented languages like Processing, has just announced a new language targeted at non-programmers for interactive infographics called “Vedea”.  A sample: myData = DataSet(“mydata.csv”); currentYear := slider.Value + 1900; bubbles := from row in myData where row.Year :== currentYear select new Circle() { X = row.Latitude, Y = row.Longitude, Radius […]

Dreadful Fox News 2012 Election Infographic

Robert Kosara (known to many as @eagereyes) posted a simply abysmal chart recently featured on Fox News showing approval ratings for various possible 2012 presidential election candidates.  A pie chart is really not the proper avenue for this data, and the presentation really makes it look ridiculous, a strange combination of the Google Chrome logo […]

Chart Comparing Data Visualization Tools

Perlita Labs has an infographic online comparing the many topologies, visualizations, and data structures available in a wide variety of popular visualization tools.  It’s pretty comprehensive, including about 13 different libraries and almost 20 different features. Comparing Data Visualization Tools.