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NPR Visualizes The U.S. Electric Grid

NPR has a new interactive infographic online showing the US electric grid in its current state and with the projected expansions, location and outputs of power generating facilities, solar power, wind power, and state-by-state breakdowns.  It’s a huge amount of information presented in a nice easy-to-digest overview format. NPR: Power Hungry: Visualizing The U.S. Electric […]

Measure of America: American Human Development Project

The American Human Development Project has a special metric for measuring the progress and state of the US called the “Human Development Index”.  This is computed by collecting data from a wide variety of sources and measuring health, knowledge, and the standard of living and presenting them as a uniform composite measure.  They’ve got a […]

The Complex Universe of Games and Puzzles, Simplified

Wired Magazine is showing a fun infographic called “The Enigmatrix”, which shows the interconnetions between math, card games, mysteries, puzzles, board games, programming code, and more.  It reveals some fun interconnections, like how Board Games relate to Puzzles through games like Janga & the Tower of Hanoi.  Another interesting one is how Games relate to […]

How Long Will Our World Last?

As the human race progresses, so does our consumption of our resources.  Have you ever stopped to consider how long a material, like Zinc, will last at our current rate?  Well, Gizmodo & New Scientist have a huge infographic that showcases various minerals and how long they’ll exist at our current consumption rates. Gizmodo – […]