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‘Flip that house’ fraud in Florida

The Herald-Tribune has spent the last year investigating house sales fraud in Florida, and has spent this week publishing their discoveries.  In what is currently a 3-part series, they discuss how home prices were arbitrarily inflated by crooked real estate developers. Unscrupulous property flippers would buy houses or condos, then drive up the price in […]

Is Bestario’s “Atlas of Innovation” Useful? or Data Porn?

Bestario, a Spanish infograhpics firm, has built a new website called “The Wainova World Atlas of Innovation”.  It attempts to map the world’s major science and business incubators with the professional associations linking them, but in the opinion of many winds up being a bit too much flash without any function. The failing here illustrates […]

Interactive Map of Minorities in China

China has a huge number of ethnic minority groups scattered across the entire country.  The New York Times has another great interactive infographic charting about a dozen of the most well-known groups and visualizing the percentage of the minority across the country. Interactive Map of Minorities in China – Interactive Graphic –

MemeTracker Visualizes Media Quotes

Between the recent economic collapse, the presidential election, and the many celebrity deaths, the media has been cranking out one-liners and soundbites quicker than we can process them.  MemeTracker, from researchers at Stanford and Cornell, visualizes popular memes over a three-month period.  Containing such classics as “lipstick on a pig” (Barack Obama on Sarah Palin) […]

GOOD Transparencies Archive on Flickr

GOOD Magazine creates a lot of great infographics, and has now created a Flickr set where you can see their past issues.  Some of these we’ve covered previously: The Largest Bankruptcies in History Where have All the Fish Gone? Who is coming to America? Currently hosting 82 “transparencies” (their name for Infographic), a new one […]

Harry Potter Relationship Maps & Timeline

In preparation for the release of Harry Potter: The Half Blood Pricen, LaInformation has compiled a trio of interactive infographics showing the timeline of Harry Potter’s life up to this point, changes of the actors over the years the series has aired, and most interestingly a relationship map of all the important characters. Whether you’re […]

U.S. Consumer Spending Infographic

Visual Economics has taken data from the US Department of Labor and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and created an infographic showing the average breakdown of how the average US Consumer spends his paycheck. Such information as: 20% goes to Shelter 0.7% to Tobacco, and 0.9% to Alcohol 5.7% to Healthcare Hit their website […]

How Much Is A Petabyte?

Mozy, popular online backup service, has created an interesting infographic visualizing various statistics related to hard drive storage.  Combining numbers about the falling price of data storage, how much you can fit in various data size amounts, and the increasing amount of computer usage, it’s a huge graphic that contains several little tidbits of information. […]

The Remaking of General Motors

The New York Times has a new minimally-interactive (more like animated slideshow) of some numbers about General Motors over the last 25 years.  It shows the falling market share and sales numbers and the loss of employees compared to Toyota and Honda. The Remaking of General Motors – Interactive Graphic –

Map of Tour de France Race Route 2009

Back to the Wall Street Journal again today with a great interactive map of the Tour de France route.  The map on the route shows each of the segments, while data on the left shows elevation maps along the route and which day that portion of the route takes place.  They have pictures along the […]

Associated Press Interactive Unemployment Map

The Associated Press has compiled a great interactive online tool for viewing unemployment figures for the US.  You can view the data by county (Shown above), by state, look at the national averages (Bar chart form), or view results by sector.  The data is available back to June 2008 (1 year), and amazingly detailed.  I […]

Influence of Micheal Jackson on Hip Hop Music

A new interactive graphic on “La” (Spanish site) shows the influence of Micheal Jackson‘s biggest hits on future generations of hiphop artists.  The center circle is the original songs by MJ, with links to videos on Youtube, while the rest are repeat performances or songs by other groups that are heavily influenced. It’s a […]