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Map of Tour de France Race Route 2009

Back to the Wall Street Journal again today with a great interactive map of the Tour de France route.  The map on the route shows each of the segments, while data on the left shows elevation maps along the route and which day that portion of the route takes place.  They have pictures along the […]

Associated Press Interactive Unemployment Map

The Associated Press has compiled a great interactive online tool for viewing unemployment figures for the US.  You can view the data by county (Shown above), by state, look at the national averages (Bar chart form), or view results by sector.  The data is available back to June 2008 (1 year), and amazingly detailed.  I […]

Influence of Micheal Jackson on Hip Hop Music

A new interactive graphic on “La” (Spanish site) shows the influence of Micheal Jackson‘s biggest hits on future generations of hiphop artists.  The center circle is the original songs by MJ, with links to videos on Youtube, while the rest are repeat performances or songs by other groups that are heavily influenced. It’s a […]

Web Trend Map 4 Goes Interactive, Drops July 14th

We’ve talked about the Web Trends Map before, and now ReadWriteWeb had gotten the hot tip that it’s about to go interactive. Domains and personalities are carefully selected through dialogue with map enthusiasts, and every domain is evaluated based on traffic, revenue, and character”. Information architecture company iA built this awesome visualization and we have […]

Graphical History of the American Flag

Another great Independence Day find from Mike Wirth, courtesy of Cool Infographics. A great infographic for America’s Independence Day from Mike Wirth. The graphical history of the American Flag shows a circular timeline of when changes were made over the years and when stars were added. I love additional information Mike included like the official […]

Happy Fourth of July

From all of us here at VizWorld, have a happy July 4th and enjoy these two nice infographics on how Fireworks Work. Oooooooh! Ahhhhhhhhh! – Chart Porn.

Failed Banks Map of 2009

As of this afternoon, 52 banks have failed in 2009, 7 just today.  Over at Portal Seven they’ve merged the full list of failures with Google Maps to create a map showing all the banks, and a few other interesting graphics. Portal Seven – Failed Banks List, Failed Banks Map, 2009.

Iraq’s oil & gas supplies, visualized

It’s no secret that Iraq has a huge natural gas and oil supply, and it’s one of the main things that keeps the region in unrest.  Recently, they’ve attempted to sell rights to the fields, largely unsuccessfully.  The fields would yield huge supplies, but the companies bidding only receive any profits on barrels beyond the […]

Unemployment Infographic from Wall Street Journal

A interactive infographic is up on the Wall Stree Journal website graphic unemployment figures back to 1948.  Rows indicate months (top row in January, bottom row is December), and columns indicate years (left is 1948, right is 2009).  The colors indicate percentage unemployment (green is 2%, red is 11%). That red strip in the middle […]

Federal IT Dashboard Visualization has rolled out a new visualization tool aimed to show Federal spending in the IT sector.  Separating it into the various federal branches (DOD, DOJ, DHS, etc), they then let you look at the various expenditures.  The expenditures (or investments) are separated into “Normal”, “Needs Attention”, and “Significant concerns” (the green, yellow, and red […]

The Descent into Debt Hell Infographic has a humorous, but educational, infographic about just how easy it is to become overwhelmed by credit card debt. When used wisely, credit cards can be the cornerstone of a sound financial strategy. A solid credit history makes you a good credit risk and that in turn allows you to purchase the necessities of […]

Micheal Jackson’s Billboard Rankings Over Time

The New York Times has published an interactive infographic of the recently deceased Micheal Jackson’s billboard rankings, comparing it to the rankings of such stars as the Beatles, U2, and Usher.  They plot the billboard ranking on a logarithmic scale for all of the stars, with a background of MJ’s greatest hits. Jackson’s Billboard Rankings […]