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WSJ – How Marijuana Affects the Brain

The Wall Street Journal has an infographic online showing the effects of Marijuana and how it compares to other substances.  The information is a bit bland, but covers some stuff like the altered consciousness, memory impairment, pain reduction, and others. WSJ.COM.

The Evolution of the Crayola Crayon Palette

WeatherSealed has an impressive chart showing the evolution of the Crayola Collection of Colors from 1903 to today,as it gre from the original 8 colors to the present 120. Crayola’s crayon chronology tracks their standard box, from its humble eight color beginnings in 1903 to the present day’s 120-count lineup. According to Crayola, of the […]


Cool Infographics Making-Of The Caffeine Poster

Randy Krum’s fantastic “Caffiene Poster” began back in June 2009, and was just released this week. If you’ve ever wondered what goes into creation of such an infographic, he has begin a multi-part series detailing the effort spent in not only designing the poster, but coming up with the original idea and visualization strategy. You […]

Infographic: Video Game Statistics

The “Video Game Statistics” infographic from shows details about video games, including duration, gender, console of choice, and more.  It compiled data from the ESA, various console manufacturers, and online surveys into a fun chart. Some numbers: 2 out of 5 gamers are female 80% of female gamers use the Wii, but only 41% […]


Haiti in Infographics

ChartPorn has begun a collection of infographics and data visualization tools focused on the recent disaster in Haiti.  So far he’s found visualizations of damage, tectonic plate locations, satellite imagery, and diagrams of various logistical challenges. Hit his site for the (Regularly updated) list. Haiti – Chart Porn.

Infographic: The Highest Global Inflation Rates

Today the U.S. government announced that the inflation rate was 2.7% for 2009. That does not tell you that from March to October, we were in a period of deflation. The main cause of that deflation was lower energy prices, when compared with the same month in 2008. Now that energy prices stabilised and then […]


Infographic: Government Spending: State by State

BillShrink has an interesting chart showing government spending by state. The chart shows how much the government spends in each state, the percentage of the government spending as part of the gross state product, and a bar graph showing the total gross state product. Instead of going from left to right, the bar graph is […]

Body Parts in Music Genre’s : Fleshmap

Fernanda Viegas and Martin Wattenberg collaborated to analyze a huge collection of music and create an infographic showing the various mentions of human body parts. What do we sing about, when we sing about the body? The chart below, based on a sample of thousands songs, tells the story. The size of a circle corresponds […]


Infographic: The Apple App Store Economy

Gigaom has published a tall infographic showing various statistics of the Apple iPhone App Store Economy.  Some numbers of note: 133,979 Apps, from over 28,000 developers Average wait time for approva: 4.78 days Average cost of paid apps: $2.59 200 Million apps downloaded monthly. See the full graphic on their site. The Apple App Store […]

Visualizing the Band: Pink Floyd

An artist known as 802.11 has posted a beautiful timeline graphic that shows the various activities of the Pink Floyd band members.  Covering 1920 to 2000, the colors and shapes make it just beautiful to look at. I agree with CoolInfographics, this would make a great poster! Pink Floyd Timeline via Cool Infographics – Cool […]