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Micheal Jackson’s Billboard Rankings Over Time

The New York Times has published an interactive infographic of the recently deceased Micheal Jackson’s billboard rankings, comparing it to the rankings of such stars as the Beatles, U2, and Usher.  They plot the billboard ranking on a logarithmic scale for all of the stars, with a background of MJ’s greatest hits. Jackson’s Billboard Rankings […]

The Deep Underground Science and Engineering Lab

Found this neat chart of the DUSEL, Deep Underground Science and Engineering Laboratory, at Homestake showing the 8000-feet below sea level construction they are proposing.  Divided into three sections, the Shallow Labs, Mid-level labs, and Deep Campus labs, they aim to conduct experiments at the lowest levels that are highly susceptible to cosmic radiation.  8000 […]

Butter & Marge: A Tale of Two Spreads

The interesting history of the bitter rivalry between Butter and Margarine from "The Friends of Butter" campaign.

College In America

A map showing the density of four-year universities and colleges by U.S. state with Fall 2007 acceptance rates and 2008-09 tuition and fees.

The Largest Bankruptcies in History Visualization

GOOD Magazine visualizes the world's largest bankruptcies as sinking ships, sorted by size and sector, to powerful effect.

50 Examples of Great Infographics Revisited

Francesco Mugnai has uploaded his 50 great examples of infographics to to create an interactive panoramic graphic to explore.

Clinton Climate Initiative film by Superfad and Kontentreal

We’ve mentioned the Clinton Climate Initiative film before, but a new press release has come out indicating that the film was made by Kontentreal and Superfad. “Climate Positive” highlights the impetus for the project, its inspiration and goals. It was directed and produced by kontentreal, the documentary film and strategic entertainment company that previously collaborated […]

Infographic Video on Sustainable Urban Growth

A new video is out from the Clinton Foundation that takes powerful imagery of urban waste and emissions, and combines it with infographic statistics of the details.  Created by superfad, it’s part of the Clinton Climate Initiative to propose a model for sustainable urban growth. See the video after the break.

Seasonal Flu vs Pandemic Flu Infographic Game

A new interactive infographic that works as a game aims to teach people about the similarities and differences between the seasonal Flu and the pandemic Flu (Avian, Swine, take your pick).  It’s an isometric game that borrows alot of it’s visuals from infographic theories. Here is a game that allows you to learn more about […]

Twitter trending topics graph

Meg Pearson has a fun chart on Flickr showing the life of a trending topic on Twitter.  It’s a somewhat satirical, somewhat truthful, look at how a topic slowly grows in waves before being drowned out by the mass of people talking not about the topic, but about the topic’s popularity (the “meta summit”).

Where have all the fish gone?

Per capita fish consumption has nearly doubled in the last 50 years, and that’s leading to a thinning of fish populations around the globe.  GOOD magazine is back with another stunning infographic showing how certain species of fish may not be around much longer. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations measures how […]

Visualizing the US and China Trade Relations, the popular personal finance site, has an interesting infographic exploring the trade deficit between the US and China. What’s interesting is exactly what the US imports, stuff like machinery and toys and as much steel and iron as it does shoes. And what we export — high-tech stuff like airplanes and medical equipment and, […]