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Motion Artist TV community platform

Smith Micro Launches MotionArtistTV Interactive Platform
 for the Digital Artist Community

Smith Micro Software, Inc. Productivity and Graphics group today announced the launch of its social multimedia platform MotionArtistTV, targeted for artists, animators and graphic art enthusiasts. MotionArtistTV combines the open, interactive canvas of HTML5 with convenient content sharing through a social portal. It allows users to view interactive, animated content, connect with fellow artists and […]
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Goo Engine – HTML5 + WebGL Gaming

There’s been a lot of talk about WebGL and HTML, but I haven’t seen much happen with it except the occasional neat demo.  One group aims to change that through an entire game engine built for the platform called “Goo Engine”. Already with a few demo games online, their website shows some other work like […]


Jim Vallandingham’s New Old Visualizations

You may look at the image above and think it’s a classic visualization from the mid 1800’s. You’ld be wrong, as it’s actually a recreation of an old visualization done by Jim Vallandingham using d3 and Coffeescript for a native HTML5 version. I choose to try out d3.js for this experiment. This is a javascript […]

Four Browser HTML5 Speed Test

Downloadsquad takes the four major browsers for the windows platform and compares them against one another in HTML5. It turns out that IE9 and Firefox 3.7 both use Direct2D to utilize the GPU’s rendering power. That makes them the best choices for HTML5. via : 4-way HTML5 speed test: Firefox 3.7 faster than Internet Explorer […]


WTF is HTML5, & Why we should Care

WTF is HTML5 (Infographic).

Blowing up HTML5 video and mapping it into 3D space

Sean Christmann has some new demo’s up on CraftyMind showing some of the fun stuff that HTML5’s Canvas and Video tags enable.  He shows how you can, relatively easily, interact with live video with a simple “explosion” demo and rotate it in 3D.   He also brings this up: Don’t ask me why, but copying pixel […]


RGraph: A Graph library based on the HTML5 canvas tag

A new charting library is on the block, this time working entirely with HTML5: rGraph. RGraph is a HTML5 canvas graph library. It uses features that became available in HTML5 (specifically, the CANVAS tag) to produce a wide variety of graph types: bar chart, bi-polar chart (also known as an age frequency chart), donut chart, […]

Video, Freedom, h264 And Mozilla

Both YouTube and Vimeo announced last week that they would begin to support (on a limited basis) the new HTML5 ‘Video’ tag that allows video playback without relying on Flash.  The technology is impressive, but users quickly noticed that it didn’t work with FireFox.  Odd, since FireFox is 3.5 compliant, but it seemed to only […]